Once Upon a Time's Season 7 Reboot: What's Working, What Isn't

Once Upon Time Best Worst

Eight episodes into Once Upon a Time‘s ambitious Season 7 — and with the midseason finale arriving on Dec. 15 — TVLine decided it was time to take stock of what’s working with the “requel”… and what has thus far been less-than-magical.

Season 7 got off to an admittedly bumpy start, depositing us as it did in a new world filled with largely new faces, while even the familiar ones weren’t quite (yet) the characters we had come to know and love. The Rumbelle-centric hour (and its big reveals), coupled with an Emma/Hook catch-up (which eased many concerns while also birthing happy news), however got things rolling, while the uncovering of the new curse’s true caster — and the dilemma it landed Regina in — upped the tension.

That said, there remain areas for improvement. Is Henry’s pursuit of Jacinda a page-turning tale of True Love? Did leaving Storybrooke help or hurt Regina? How well did the show handle the happy endings it needed to leave behind? What are the lows of Hyperion Heights? And which of the new faces became fast favorites?

You’ve got opinions and so do we. So review the attached photo gallery (click here for direct access) and share your take on our early assessment.


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