Supergirl Recap: Kara and Mon-El's Reunion Takes a Troubling Turn

Supergirl Recap

Mon-El may have only been M.I.A. from Supergirl for six episodes, but he’s been busy — and not just growing a beard.

As revealed in Monday’s episode, the Prince of Daxam isn’t the same guy who disappeared into that season-finale wormhole. For starters, he’s not nearly as talkative — not even the desperate plea of his sobbing ex-girlfriend could get him to break his silence. (In other news, “Shame on me for having a human heart” sounds like a Taylor Swift lyric.)

Winn’s interrogation proved more successful, though Mon-El still refused to explain why he needed to get back to the ship. Honestly, “Kara will get hurt” really isn’t that much of a clue, considering her life is already in peril 24/7.

But together, they got some real answers: When Mon-El went through that wormhole, he actually time-traveled way into the future — and he lived there for seven years. (I love that Kara’s immediate response to Mon-El’s long, complicated story was “So, what, you just forgot about me?!” Eyes on the prize, girl.) To further complicate matters, Mon-El appears to have himself a lady friend. (I also love that Kara gave him the full “Who is she?!” treatment before the poor woman even emerged from her coma.)

Mon-El and Kara eventually found a moment for a bittersweet catch-up, during which he assured her, “You have to believe whatever time or century or universe I’m living in, I’d never forget you.” Then they giggled about all-you-can-eat ribs and it felt just like old times… until his unconscious passenger woke up and revealed herself to be his wife.

Elsewhere this week…

* We basically got the Reign version of Smallville, as a panicked Sam returned to her childhood home seeking answers about her burgeoning superpowers. Her mother — played by the phenomenal Betty Buckley — appeared standoffish at first, but she eventually shed her icy exterior and revealed the spaceship she found Sam in as a baby. Her subsequent journey led her to what would become her “Fortress of Sanctuary” — a piece of her world, “the dead planet Krypton,” according to a mysterious hologram lady. She also informed Sam that she’s “a culmination of centuries of work, a being designed for one purpose: to execute justice.” Sam tried to fight it, but the power overcame her, officially ushering Reign into the world.

* Following a little nudge from Winn, J’onn agreed to take his father out in public to help him feel like less of a prisoner. But after just a walk in the park and a few cups of brown water — sorry, coffee — Papa Martian dropped this truth bomb on his unsuspecting son: “I am not a prisoner of the DEO. You are.” [Insert the gif of that cat having its damn mind blown.] The cherry on top of this tasty little subplot was J’onn buying an apartment for the two of them to share, which is pretty much an ’80s sitcom waiting to happen.

Your thoughts on this week’s many twists, turns and twisted turns? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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