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Blindspot EP Sheds Light on That Jane Shocker: 'It's a Huge Part' of Season 3

Blindspot Season 3

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Friday’s episode of Blindspot.

Jane Doe has been called a lot of names during Blindspot‘s 48-episode run: Alice Kruger. Remi. Mrs. Kurt Weller.

And now, after Friday’s installment of the NBC drama, she can add a new moniker to that list: Mom.

In the newest Case of the Week — which sent the FBI on a hunt for a serial bomber, who had resurfaced many years after he was believed to have committed suicide — Jane crossed paths with a man named Rossi, who clearly had a long history with Jane that she simply couldn’t remember. (Rossi referred to Jane as “Remi” throughout the episode, so you know these two go way back, despite Jane’s memory loss.)

At the end of the hour, once the bomber had successfully been stopped and the FBI team went home for the night, an envelope was slipped under Jane and Weller’s door. “Always regretted doing this job for your mother. You deserve to know,” Rossi had written on the front of it.

Inside, Jane found medical documents and a birth record — but not for anyone she knows. “[Rossi] didn’t orchestrate my adoption to Shepherd…,” Jane gasped. “This says he did an adoption for me, 18 years ago. Kurt, this says I have a daughter.” (Remember that big secret Jaimie Alexander hinted at back in September? Mystery solved.)

We spoke to series creator Martin Gero about this major bombshell, and he assured us that Jane’s daughter actually exists; this isn’t some tall tale that Roman is spinning for his sister, or a plot twist that will be reversed in future episodes. “This is a daughter she had that she gave up for adoption. It’s absolutely a huge part of the season,” he said.

Though Gero was hesitant to share details about how Jane’s daughter will impact the characters’ lives, he did reveal that Jane will do some serious self-reflection after learning she has a child somewhere in the world.

“It was important to us that Jane have some family out there that isn’t a sociopath or in a CIA black site,” he said. “It’s a great thing for Jane to be dealing with this year. This memory loss is really causing emotional havoc on her life. She starts to question, ‘Wow, I didn’t even remember having a daughter. Am I a bad person?’ It’s a really emotional, personal and beautiful story for Jane this season.”

Gero hinted that viewers will be meeting Jane’s offspring “sooner than you think,” adding that “the audience will meet Jane’s daughter before she does.”

But Jane/Weller ‘shippers should rest easy, at least for now. Although the boat of marital bliss will be expectedly rocked by this new family member, that doesn’t mean Jane and Weller’s relationship is doomed, according to Gero.

“These shows need to have conflict and emotional strife, and [introducing Jane’s daughter] was a way to do that without jeopardizing ‘Jeller’ necessarily,” Gero said. “It’s a thing they can go through together. It’s a thing that can eventually bring them closer, we hope. Weller and Jane are going to have good days and bad days. The daughter will play a part in both of those.”

Your turn! What are your thoughts on Jane having a daughter? Were you shocked by the news? Drop a comment below to weigh in on Friday’s episode.

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