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Supernatural Star Talks Guilty Jack's 'Darkness' and the 'Danger All Around'

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Warning: The following contains spoilers for Thursday’s Supernatural.

Like father, like son?

Lucifer’s offspring inadvertently lived up to his deadly origins during Thursday’s Supernatural when Jack accidentally killed an innocent bystander and then decided to leave his newfound family behind. For the nephilim, the tragic death seemed to confirm his worst fears: “Maybe you’re right. Maybe I’m just another monster,” he told the Winchesters and Castiel.

Shockingly, it was Dean who came to Jack’s defense, despite having made his dislike of the devil’s spawn very clear just a couple episodes ago. “Like Sam said, we’ve all done bad,” Dean confessed. “We all have blood on our hands. So if you’re a monster, we’re all monsters.”

But the fear of his own unwieldy powers was too much for guilt-ridden Jack to bear. “I know that if I stay, I’m going to hurt you,” he replied, his voice cracking. “All of you. And I can’t. You’re all I have. I have to go. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” And with that, Jack knocked out Dean, Sam and Cas before vanishing into thin air.

For young Jack, his “first taste of being responsible for something so terrible really weighs on him and throws him in a direction that he’s not ready for,” Alexander Calvert shared during TVLine’s recent visit to the show’s Vancouver set. “That’s going to lead him to make his next decision…. Moving forward, [he is] taking on that kind of darkness that he wasn’t really ready for yet.”

On his own after fleeing the Men of Letters bunker, Jack begins a journey of self-discovery to better understand his mighty abilities. “It’s about his search for his father, and his search for figuring himself out,” Calvert previewed.

In the meantime, Jack will have to survive being a high-valued target of angels, demons and Chuck knows what else, without the Winchesters or Cas around to protect him. “Obviously, having all these powers and being this important to everyone in the world, any time [Jack leaves], it’s pretty high stakes for everyone,” Calvert noted. “If the angels get [Jack], what would happen? If Sam and Dean lose [Jack], what’ll happen? Who knows what [he’ll] do on [his] own? Danger all around.”

Supernatural fans, are you worried about what awaits solo Jack? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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