The Flash Recap: All's Wells That Ends Wells — Plus: [Spoiler] Meets DeVoe

Flash Recap Season 4

This week on The Flash, Harry summoned some familiar faces to track down the elusive “DeVoe,” while Barry bent Ralph’s ear about proper superhero priorities.

Following an encounter with a mugger that ended with bullets being ricocheted off Ralph into the assailants legs and buttocks, and after their first encounter with the Meta of the Week landed a little girl in the hospital, Barry schooled Ralph (now costumed in a super-onesie) on how it’s important to safeguard the innocent in the course of pursuing perpetrators.

Ralph had an opportunity to put that advice to use when toward episode’s end, when the aforementioned meta — Mina Chayton aka Black Bison, a Lakota woman who sought to return an ancient necklace to her people and who now can animate objects/statues — went to steal the final piece of the necklace from the museum. There, Ralph chose to save a security guard from getting chomped by an animated dinosaur skeleton, while Barry duped Mina into getting meta-cuffed.

Afterward, Ralph surreptitiously returned the necklace to a Sioux reservation, noting they have been hurt enough “and our first job is to protect people.” To boot, Ralph then visited the injured girl in the hospital, where he entertained her with (literally) handmade balloon animals.

Meanwhile at S.T.A.R. Labs, Harry rounded up three “friends”/doppelgangers — Earth-12’s Wolfgang, Earth 47’s Lothario and Earth-22’s Wells 2.0 — to brainstorm ideas on how to identify DeVoe. After the trio’s assorted quirks infuriated him to no end, Harry disbanded the “Council of Wells,” only to rethink that decision following a pep talk from Cisco, who observed that the genius needs to learn to love himself (and thus be able to tolerate his doppelgangers).

Reconvened, the council merged their specific skill sets to ID Clifford DeVoe.  That intel in hand, Barry firmly decided that they should confront DeVoe ASAP, to maybe “for once get ahead” of an adversary. But as shown earlier on, The Mechanic and DeVoe foresaw that Team Flash would find them on this day, and thus welcomed them at the front door of their unassuming home, appearing as a lovely, dress-wearing wife and her wheelchair-using husband with no wires and tubes plugged into his head.

What did you think of the episode “Council of Wells”? How will the “kindly” DeVoe play it, now face to face with Barry and Joe?

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