Supergirl Recap: Road to Recovery (Plus, Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh Map Out the Danvers' Next Steps)

Supergirl Recap

Monday’s Supergirl hit pause on the drama in National City to give the Danvers sisters some time to heal.

Alex and Kara made tracks for their hometown of Midvale, where they balanced their time between bickering and reflecting on their childhood… which was also full of bickering. (Side note: This episode only flashed back 10 years, yet Alex was still in school. Exactly how young are we to believe she is?)

Anyway, young Kara and Alex — while perfectly cast — had a pretty rough go of things in their early days. “Before you came along, I had two great parents,” Alex told Kara at one point. “Now, I just have you. And you are not worth it.”

But everything changed when Kara’s only friend turned up dead, sending her into full-on Harriet the Spy mode. Alex began to see the hero inside her new “sister,” then joined her in her pursuit for the truth. (Did any other Smallville fans get goosebumps when Kara referred to “Clark’s friend Chloe” who has a “Wall of Weird”?)

It turned out that Kara’s friend was killed because he was the only person who knew the secrets of a crooked local cop, one who held Alex at gunpoint until Kara swooped in to save the day. Working together to solve the murder brought the sisters closer than ever.

(J’onn J’onnz secretly disguising himself as a DEO agent that looked suspiciously like Erica Durance was also a nice addition to the story.)

“I thought it was brilliant and I think it’s really touching story of sisterhood,” Melissa Benoist told reporters during a recent visit to the show’s Vancouver set. “We had a flashback in Season 1, but this one goes further and is really touching and intimate and sentimental for these two women. And, just to show how close they really are and how unbreakable their bond is, which I love.”

Now that we’ve got the girls’ past out of the way, let’s talk about how they’re doing now. “Ice cream, pizza and the couch scenes are my favorites,” Chyler Leigh told reporters, which is probably a good thing, because Kara and Alex will need to keep leaning on each other as they move past Mon-El and Maggie.

“They’re really kind of in the mud together,” Leigh said. “The great thing about the sister dynamic is that regardless of what circumstance they’re facing, they’re always going to be each other’s champion. They’re always going to be the one that’s like, ‘We’re going to walk through this together.’ You really see that true dynamic. And that was a big part of what Andrew [Kreisberg] talked to me initially about before we started the season is we really want to see that relationship come back as the heartbeat of the show.”

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Reporting by Vlada Gelman

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