Once Upon a Time Reveals the New Curse's Creator — and Its Nasty Twist

The Once Upon a Time creators promised “big reveals” in this week’s Regina-centric hour — and indeed  many were conjured.

IN THE OTHER REALM…. | In flashbacks, we saw Regina bide her time while Henry and Ella were away by bumping into Drizella and being coaxed into teaching the lass magic, rather than leave her to try to steal some. And after one helluva “trust” test, in which Regina dropped a piece of castle wall onto herself, only to have Drizella blast it away in time, the formerly Evil Queen saw great promise in her padawan.

Rumple showed up around that time to remind Regina that, just as the Evil Queen was virtually omniscient, so too must be Lady Tremaine. So, why would Drizella’s mother want her to learn magic? Regina magically eavesdrops on Tremaine to show Drizella that her mother is practicing to remove one daughter’s pure heart to revive the other, Anastasia. Drizella goes gunning for her mom, but Regina refuses to help her down such a dark path. So when Drizella confronts her mom with sword-wielding Prince Gregory at her side, Regina interrupts, thinking she’s stopping the prince from offing Tremaine. But as Drizella proceeds to reveal, her mother was never the objective. Instead, Drizella summons a magical vine plant creature thing to sprout up and impale Gregory — this turning her own heart black. And a black heart is of no use to Tremaine in saving Anastasia.

Drizella makes clear that her next objective is to cast a Dark Curse a la the Evil Queen’s, and Regina makes the mistake of warning that heroes can always break curses. So what sort of “out” will Drizella cook up…?

IN HYPERION HEIGHTS…. | Puzzled by the  photo she found in Victoria’s secret attic — and then egged on by Lucy into thinking that she and Henry are actually mother and son — Roni suggests to Henry that they “play along” with Lucy for the time being. Along the way, Roni shares with Henry that she did once try to adopt, but got turned down at the last minute. Lucy later explains to Roni that Regina Mills adopted Henry in Boston, which Roni decides to have Weaver look into. Soon after, he shows up at Roni’s with a file confirming the adoption Lucy spoke of (and thus Roni now owes him a favor, uh-oh).

Just as Regina gets to matching her own “Regina Mills” signature with that on the papers, Ivy shows up to supposedly share some dirt over drinks, slyly slipping into Roni’s glass a special something she squeezed out of a plant she had the hidden witch magically grow. As Roni sips her drink, Ivy boasts that she needed Roni to take the adventure she did that day, to start to question who she is. Throw in the spiked drink, and boom — one whirlwind of flashbacks later, Regina awakes. And she is not happy to see Drizella. Even less so when Drizella cues her to remember that thanks to her own tutelage, the new curse cannot be broken lest terrible things happen to the people Regina loves. Regina can neither loop in Henry nor let him and Cinderella shares True Love’s Kiss (and thus break the curse),  which she soon finds difficult to do, especially when he speaks of being born in a prison and growing up in thr foster system (“just like Emma,” Regina observes).

Elsewhere in the episode:

* After Ivy’s Instagrammed pics nearly sink things with him and Jacinda, Henry — at Roni’s urging — asks Lucy’s mom out on a date, which they spent tuning up her not-so-new food truck.

* Rogers picked the brain of Weaver’s CI, Tilly, regarding the Eloise Gardener case, only to hear some metaphorical mumbo jumbo about not forsaking the pieces you already have in your hand.

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