Scandal Recap: Bride and Seek

Scandal Recap

Be honest: You knew Quinn and Charlie’s wedding was doomed the minute they decided to have it at QPA headquarters. (Don’t they spend enough time at work?!)

Following last week’s explosive cliffhanger, Thursday’s Scandal began by devastating Mellie with the news of President Rashad’s assassination — and she did not handle it well. You know, unless you think it was wise of her tell the Bashrani ambassador, “Congressional approval or not, I am going to drop every last American bomb on their heads to make them pay for what they’ve done.”

The irony, of course, is that she should have given that speech to Olivia, the woman actually responsible for blowing up Rashad’s plane. Instead, Quinn had to do all the heavy lifting herself — and on the eve of her wedding, no less! — boldly telling her former mentor that she has witnesses to back up her claims. “Your OPA was never about justice,” Quinn said. “Mine will be.”

Olivia arrived to Quinn’s big day prepared for a rematch, only to discover that her opponent decided not to show. And while Olivia and Jake figured that she was merely buying time to build a case against them, the rest of the Gladiators — blissfully unaware of Command’s hand in Rashad’s death — assumed the worst. Before you had time to scream “I want my bones!!!” the team concluded that Quinn was kidnapped because she was investigating the explosion.

Armed with this misinformation, the Gladiators deduced — don’t ask me how — that Cyrus’ new boyfriend was responsible for blowing up the plane, a theory that Cyrus somehow (accidentally?) corroborated when they confronted him with their suspicions. This led to Charlie kidnapping poor Fenton and beating him with a sack of oranges, further proof that no good comes from sleeping with Cyrus Beene. (You know, in case his string of dead and/or miserable ex-husbands wasn’t enough to convince you.)

Speaking of people who only know half the story, let’s get back to Mellie: After asking Jake to (wink!) remove the leaders of the coup in Bashran, she returned to the ambassador with a new proposal. She agreed to recognize them as the country’s new rightful leaders if they agreed to sign her self-negotiated treaty… a proposal they promptly rejected. Womp.

Back at QPA, Olivia thought the jig was finally up when the Gladiators obtained security footage from her meeting with Quinn, but she was relieved to see that the video had been scrambled. She also appeared relieved to discover in the episode’s final moments that Quinn really was kidnapped. (Almost as relieved as I was to when Abby and David kissed. I’ve always rooted for those crazy kids.)

Who do you think kidnapped Quinn? Drop a comment with your best guess below.

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