AHS: Cult Recap: Whac-A-Mole

American Horror Story Cult

Kai’s paranoia hit an all-time high on Tuesday’s penultimate episode of American Horror Story: Cult, resulting in three major deaths. (Fine, one major death and two… others.)

The hour began with a flashback to the final debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, which turned out to be the night that changed everything. In response to Kai’s assertion that most Americans think Clinton is a “shrill cuck bitch,” one of Winter’s friends declared that most alt-righters are just angry young white men who can’t get girlfriends. According to Kai’s logic, this earned Winter’s friend a slap in the face, which earned him a trip to anger management as part of his subsequent probation.

Knowing Kai as intimately as we do, none of this should have surprised you. It was surprising, however, to discover that his anger management coach was none other than Bebe Babbitt! (I was wondering when Frances Conroy’s character was going to reenter the picture.) Over the course of just one session, Bebe convinced Kai that his true purpose was to help American women tap into their fury, even if it meant giving up his own life in the process. “The women of the world are waiting for you, legs spread, on their backs,” she told him. “Impregnate them! Help them give birth to their rage!” You know, normal anger management therapy stuff.

We then returned to the present, where yet another one of Kai’s political rallies spiraled out of control, ending with a protestor macing him in the eyes. Furious over this act of blatant disrespect, Kai gathered his Gaggle of Idiot Minions™ to share the story of legendary cult leader Charles Manson, who simply “wasn’t thinking big enough” when he attempted to incite a race war in the late 1960s. He concluded: “What the people need — what we need to give them — is a night of 1,000 Tates!” (I know Kai was referring to the murder of Sharon Tate, but did anyone else think of Evan Peters’ Murder House character for a second? … No? OK.)

For Kai, this meant breaking into a Planned Parenthood, taking turns stabbing Gary until his guts were literally spilling out of him, then writing “Stop the Slaughter” on the front door in Gary’s blood. The cherry on top was Kai blaming one of his opponent’s supporters for the heinous act, alleging that he “emboldened” anti-lifers to kill poor Mr. Longstreet. And Kai only became more delusional from there; overcome with suspicion that someone in his cult was working against him, he hallucinated the ghost of Charles Manson who urged him to “identify the Judas” within his ranks.

Kai’s witch hunt was briefly put on hold when Bebe made a surprise visit to his compound to remind him just how much he’s veered off her original course. “You really thought I was going to drown myself in female rage?” he asked. “You thought I’d die for some dead bitch’s cause? … Women can’t run things. They’re too emotional, too irrational. … Women need to be grabbed by their p–s and led, preferably into the kitchen to make me a sandwich.” Though she was rightfully angry with her former student, Bebe barely had time to express her disapproval before getting shot to death by Ally.

That’s when things really got out of hand. Winter requested that Kai let her go away for a while, and it seemed like he was going to grant her wish… until he surprised her by offering her the exact train ticket she attempted to give to Beverly as a means of escape earlier in the episode. Suddenly, Winter was sitting pretty atop her brother’s suspect list — and it certainly didn’t help that Ally set her up to look like she’d been secretly recording her conversations with him. “Stroking my brother’s paranoia is going to come back to bite you in the ass,” she told Ally, moments before Kai choked the life out of her.

In the episode’s final moments, one of Kai’s goons — that handsome devil known as “Speedwagon” — rushed out to his car, ripping tape and wires off his body, at which point Ally greeted him in the passenger seat.

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