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Supergirl's Chyler Leigh Offers Hope to Fans, Recalls Filming Heavy 'Sanvers' Scenes: 'It Was a Hell of a Day'

Supergirl Chyler Leigh Interview

“Sanvers” fans, Chyler Leigh knows that you’re going through it right now — and she totally gets it.

Speaking with reporters on Supergirl‘s Vancouver set, Leigh addressed Monday’s “heavy episode,” which featured the long-dreaded Maggie/Alex split, saying,” In a lot of ways, it felt like a genuine breakup.”

“I love Floriana [Lima] to pieces,” she continued. “She’s amazing. What we were able to do together for the community, but also for just like our friendship and being able to establish such strong characters … that goes beyond how many episodes we do together. I’m incredibly grateful for that.”

And even though Alex and Maggie’s relationship has ended, Leigh acknowledged that the episode didn’t provide “absolute closure, because no one ever knows exactly what’s going to happen. As of now, what we know is we got these five amazing episodes based on [Lima’s] availability. If she can come back, I know we would all love to have that happen. I don’t know what that would look like … but that’s not my job. My job is to do the best with what has been handed to me.”

Leigh also explained that director Kevin Smith suggested she and Lima film all of their scenes in one day, which she agreed was the best way to approach it. “I will not lie, I had a lot of wine by the end of the day, and I had a driver pick me up and take me home,” she added. “So it was a long one, but I think it was all worth it.”

As for how Alex will cope with losing Maggie, Leigh acknowledged that it’s going to be a difficult line to tread, largely because “Alex has a very hard time really dealing with things.”

“I think there was a balance that we really had to establish in kind of saying, “OK, we don’t want to be Debbie Downers all the time,'” she said. “But at the same time, there’s a reality of that’s an incredibly significant relationship.” I mean, this is the first time Alex ever really said ‘I love you’ to anybody, let alone get engaged and have wedding talk and all that stuff. So you see her sort of go forward and go back, and then go forward and go back. I think there’s a pretty good balance with that. We had a lot conversations about saying that and keeping that authentic, and what that would look like in reality.”

Leigh was told during the summer hiatus that Maggie not wanting kids would be the downfall of her relationship with Alex, adding that the writers approached this storyline with the same “delicacy” as Alex’s coming out saga.

“It doesn’t mean that Alex isn’t still a lesbian,” she clarified. “It doesn’t mean that Alex’s journey ends there. It means that this is a loss, but also a gain for herself in understanding who she is. And no relationship is ever going to be guaranteed. They’re a hell of a lot of hard work. … But with the ending of this particular place in their lives, they did come to an impasse. There are certain things that you’re either always going to want or you’re never going to want.”

She continued, “What is most heartbreaking about the ending of their relationship is how much they love each other and how much they want the best for each other. You really see that the intention there is to allow them to be their best selves no matter what. I feel like we did a really good job with that.”

“I’ve kind of, sort of been avoiding social media today,” Leigh admitted. “I’m still trying to figure out how to really answer this for a lot of fans that I know personally and that I’ve come across that might not totally understand it. I want to make sure that people know that regardless they’re loved and that they matter and that the story that they have to tell is just as important as the story we told on the show and that that continues for them as well. Nothing ends tonight. That’s the biggest thing I’ve been so worried about is that I don’t want people to think that this is the end of something really, really significant and important. It is really just the beginning in a lot of ways. I hope people can really latch onto that and hang onto that. Maybe I’m biased, but what we did, I feel, was pretty groundbreaking. To have such a strong relationship, I feel, portrayed as well as we did, I think we did a very great justice to that storyline and for the community.”

“Sanvers” fans, are you feeling comforted by Leigh’s thoughts on the big breakup? Drop a comment with your own thoughts below.

Reporting by Vlada Gelman

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