The Gifted Recap: Kids Are People, Too — Plus: X-Men Warned of Coming 'War'

Gifted Recap Episode 6

This week on Fox’s The Gifted, the next step in finding out what Sentinel Services is doing with mutants such as Pulse involved both Strucker kids getting in on the action — as their anxious parents watched.

As Marcos, Johnny and Reed planned their infiltration of the federal building in Baton Rouge (“Baton Rouge, Cindy! Baton Rouge!“), they were thrown a curve ball when Clarice, after confronting Johnny about his complacency in her secretly implanted memory, decided to cut and run. Without an easy portal into the building, they needed another way in. Enter Andy, who’s very confident he can simply rip a hole in the shared wall of a neighboring parking garage.

Andy, like Lauren and her new crush Wes, has started training with Polaris — much to the disapproval of Caitlin, who’d rather the young mutants stick their heads in textbooks versus hurled saw blades. (In a small face-off, Polaris and Caitlin argued their respective “This is the new normal” versus “Ready them for life beyond fighting” philosophies.) Reed, too, is reluctant to have Andy join the fight, but the fact is he’s their best option, so a father/son outing it is!

On the drive to Baton Rouge, Reed has “the (other) talk” with his teen, about how his powers are developing, and whether he feels pain, as Eclipse does, when he uses them. Andy says he doesn’t, and even spooks Dad a bit when he claims to enjoy ripping things apart. He also lays a bit of a guilt trip by suggesting that it was his parents’ trip to the guidance counselor (in the pilot) that sicced the bullies on him at the dance, and led to his outburst of powers and all that followed.

Back at the way station, Wes uses his powers (to fool the human eye, just as a certain Stranger Things character does) to “take” Lauren to Florence, Italy. (Or at least Rome.) Johnny meanwhile has a talk with Dreamer about Clarice leaving, during which he mentioned that the X-Men chose him to be a part of the mutant underground. We also learned that Johnny wants to “live up to who [his] father war,” and that the X-Men had warned “a war is coming” before they… went wherever they went.

At the federal building, Andy handily busts a wall open for them, after which Reed promptly benches his boy, while he and Marcos steal a bunch of files and hard drives. On their way home, they realize that they are on heading toward a police ambush, so Polaris rounds up Lauren and Wes to (A) create a ramp for the truck to drive over the blockade and then (B) create an illusion that steers the ensuing chase in the wrong directions. And with proper timing and the cheering on of each other, they do just that.

Over at Sentinel Services, Agent Turner brushed off the leave of absence that had been mandated in the wake of him “losing”/mourning his daughter again. He then rang Dr. Campbell, the genetics researcher who had reached out to him weeks ago about an alliance of sorts, only to get rebuffed. Campbell showed up to report that he called in favors to get Turner reinstated, and in trade expected to get access to the Strucker files.

At the way station, Johnny pored over the files Reed and Marcos grabbed, while also giving new consideration to a romantic overture Dreamer made earlier. Marcos, meanwhile, saw a spooning session with his baby mama get interrupted by a phone call from Carmen, the mob boss/old flame who helped him out a few episodes ago — and now wants something in return.

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