SNL's Trump Takes a Shower With Paul Manafort, Jeff Sessions, Mike Pence

It’ll be hard to scrub the image of this weekend’s Saturday Night Live cold open out of your eyes.

After sending First Lady Melania on his trip to Asia with a “very convincing lookalike,” Alec Baldwin’s President Trump paid a visit to Paul Manafort, who is currently under house arrest following the indictment issued by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Before long, Trump and Manafort made their way into the shower, where POTUS could be sure his former campaign chair wasn’t wearing a wire. Shortly thereafter, they were joined by a fully suited Mike “Church Lady” Pence, whose attendance was to ensure Trump could take his vice president down with him when Mueller comes a-knockin’. Moments later, Attorney General Jeff Sessions also appeared in a 19th-century bathing suit, where they discussed a plan to pardon Manafort on Thanksgiving by dressing him up as a turkey.

During their time in the shower, Trump also weighed in on the ongoing Harvey Weinstein scandal. Remarking on the disgraced Hollywood executive, POTUS said, “What an idiot Harvey Weinstein is. He could’ve gotten away with all of it if he was elected president.”

What did you think of Saturday Night Live‘s latest Trump-centric cold open? (For highlights featuring Larry David and Miley Cyrus, click here.)