Once Upon a Time Recap: Flour Power

This week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, Sabine cooked up a plan to sweeten her and Jacinda’s lives, Roni stumbled upon a very familiar face and we learned who’s really pulling that raggedy witch’s strings.

IN HYPERION HEIGHTS…. | Upon learning that Victoria plans to raiser her and Jacinda’s rent by eight percent, Sabine showed up at Mr. Cluck’s with 50 pounds of flour and an idea: to parlay her knack for making beignets into a pop-up business. And sure enough, the venture is a success, complete with firefly logo-emblazoned take-out bags. But when Victoria gets wind of the windfall, she sends a goon to torch the place. Afterward, Jacinda writes off Sabine and her penchant for dreaming big. Later, though, she tracks down her roommate to make amends — in the form of a would-be food truck that she got on the cheap from the police impound lot.

Over at Belfrey Towers, we saw Victoria pay her witchy friend upstairs another visit, only to be met with a demand for “my special brew.” Ivy was tasked to visit a herbalist and procure the needed herbs, after which she alerted Henry to the possibility she has dirt on her mother. Roni isn’t approving of whatever is blooming between Henry and Ivy, so she intercepts a text meant for him and meets up with Ivy herself. Ivy uses the secret elevator keypad to show Roni her mother’s secret destination, but they find nothing up there but drank tea… and a photograph.

At hour’s end, Roni shows the photo Henry — we see that it’s Regina and her son at a younger age. Roni has no idea where the pic was taken and says she never owned such clothes. And as for the kid…? “That’s me,” Henry reveals. Ivy meanwhile slips back up to the secret room, where we realize that she is the one truly in cahoots with the crone, and they both are playing Victoria with, as Ivy calls it, this “charade.” Oh, and the name is “Drizella,” the sassy gal reminds her cohort.

Elsewhere, Rogers spotted on the wrist of a neighborhood rabble-rouser a tattoo that matched a drawing in the sketch book that belonged to Eloise Gardener, the missing girl whose case went cold exactly 10 years ago. The drunk plays dumb, but warns Rogers that the drawing is one powerful rune, and he’s scared to think of what evil this Eloise had been facing down. Later, the guy places a phone call to someone, reporting that “someone is looking for the girl.”

IN NEW ORLEANS ANOTHER REALM, YEARS AGO…. | In the wake of her palace holding a lawn sale (after the king raising taxes), Tiana went searching for a prince. Seeking a traveling soothsayer, she found Dr. Facilier, who suggested that she follow the “red crow.” That led her to The Crimson Crow pub, where she was saved from a lout by Prince Marius. Back at her castle, Marius tried to pinch the ruby medal bestowed to Tiana’s father. When he got caught, he explained that if he gives the ruby to Facilier, the magic man will return to him his true love, who was changed into a frog. Tiana delivers the ruby herself, but Facilier tries to squelch on the deal, instead using the ruby free himself from having one foot each in two worlds. Tiana goes to pull a sword, but Facilier thwarts her by jabbing a voodoo doll. During the scuffle, Tiana makes off with the frig, after which Facilier magics himself away.

When Tiana delivers the frog to Marius, he says he wasn’t quite truthful — because when he gives to deliver True Love’s Kiss, it is he who transforms, into a frog, to reunite with his ladylove.

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