Stranger Things 2 Premiere Audience Is Walking Dead-Sized, Nielsen Claims

Stranger Things 2 Ratings

Netflix has never been one to show its hand, but Nielsen is out to assess viewership of the streaming service’s fare — and to that end has offered a snapshot look at Stranger Things 2‘s numbers. And they’re on the big side.

According to Nielsen, a total of 15.8 million people watched the first episode of Stranger Things‘ second season during its first three days of availability (starting Oct. 27), putting it right on par with The Walking Dead‘s recent Live+3 DVR numbers. it is important to note that Nielsen is only monioring consumption via TV set, so no iPads, computers or Palm Pilots are included in the tally.

For comparison among broadcast-TV’s biggest draws, ABC’s The Good Doctor most recently amassed 18.2 million total viewers with Live+3 playback, followed by CBS’ The Big Bang Theory (17.9 mil) and NCIS (17.4 mil), then NBC’s This Is Us (17.1 mil).

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Episode 2 of Stranger Things was reportedly watched by 13.7 million during opening weekend, while 11.6 mil got to Episode 3… and so on, with 4.6 million getting through all nine episodes.

Nielsen’s report — which Netflix has not commented on, let alone confirmed — also claims that 361,000 Netflix subscribers Stateside binged the entire second season with the first 24 hours of release, while through the first weekend the average Stranger Things viewer consumed 2.9 episodes.

Are you an “above average” Stranger Things fan? How many episodes have you watched so far?