Arrow Recap: A Person of Great Interest — Plus, Felicity Names Her Company

Arrow cayden James

Welcome to Arrow, Michael Emerson.

The enigmatic Person of Interest and Lost alum made his debut in The CW series this Thursday night, giving a face to, as expected, Helix founder Cayden James.

Thing is, Cayden’s stretch of isolation and interrogation in ARGUS’ glorified shipping container, prior to being rescued by Felicity last season, kinda “broke” him. And now he is aiming to “hurt the world” (or at least 4 percent of human population), former Helix hacktivist Alena arrives to inform Felicity.

Felicity loops in Oliver on the general situation and says she will alert Team Arrow, though she never gets around to it. Oliver meanwhile keeps too close of tabs on his girl, royally screwing up her and Alena’s bid to get their hands on a ghost mirror drive needed to access Cayden’s files.

But get their hands on it, they nonetheless do, only to have Black Siren arrive at the abandoned Helix hideout to sonically fry their ‘puters. That is when Cayden James makes his official debut, emerging from the shadows to introduce himself to Miss Smoak… and promptly order the ladies’ executions. (Yes, he’s the person who found Black Siren bleeding to death on Lian Yu. happened to be in the neighborhood…?)

Luckily, Team Arrow — having found a way to track Black Siren’s cry — arrives in time to save the gals. In the ensuring skirmish with Evil Laurel and James’ goons, Alena is gravely wounded. After checking on her frenemy at the hospital, Felicity returns to the bunker to delve into the oddly “boring” identities of three people Black Siren killed and confirm Dig’s theory — they’re all using covers, being high-ranking bigwigs at “the vault” where the entire Internet is apparently housed. And Siren has been collecting these folks’ fingerprints, so that she, Cayden and that other dude can gain access.

Team Arrow arrives at The Vault on the baddies’ heels, and a melee ensues. Dig & Co. provide Felicity cover as she goes to take down the firewall and stop Cayden’s code from blowing the whole place, the Internet included (!!!!!), up. With Oliver in her ear as Overwatch, Felicity gets to where she needs to be and toughs it out through alarms and lights to get the job done.

Little does she know, though, that she did exactly what Cayden James wanted her to. Because with the vault’s firewall down (and Felicity’s “fingerprints” all over the hack), he was able to upload a piece of code to something called Arclight. And now, he tells Miss Groves Lance, it is time for “the next step.”

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Early polling suggests that 70 percent of Star City is against the Anti-Vigilante Legislation — though Team Arrow wonders why the number isn’t higher, dammit.

* On no fewer than three (and maybe four) occasions, a character spouting techno babble was reprimanded to “speak English.” Oy.

* From her hospital bed, Alena pitched herself as a future hire for Felicity and Curtis’ startup — and then gave Felicity the (totally obvious, come on!) idea to focus their venture on the spinal implant tech that got her canned from Palmer Tech in the first place. Felicity then asked for Alena’s blessing to name the startup Helix Dynamics.

* Oliver and Felicity’s commemoration of the third anniversary of their first date was obviously, and often, interrupted by the Cayden James and Black Siren of it all. And just when they finally got around to dessert (or “dessert”), Oliver got a phone call from Slade Wilson, who needs his help.

What did you think of “Reversal” and Michael Emerson’s debut?

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