Jeopardy Reveals 15 Players Returning for Tournament of Champions 2017

Jeopardy Tournament Of Champions 2017

Fifteen of Jeopardy‘s boldest, brightest and most viral contestants from the past two seasons will convene Nov. 6 for the long-awaited Tournament of Champions.

The two-week event will conclude on Nov. 16 and 17, with $250,000 going to the winner. (Second place nabs $100,000, while third place goes home with a respectable $50,000.) The contestants are made up of the 11 players who won the most games since the last Tournament of Champions was held in 2015. Additionally, two College Championship winners and two Teachers Tournament winners will also compete.

Let’s begin with the latest contestant to capture America’s hearts/Twitter accounts: New York City native Austin Rogers. With a grand total of $411,000 in prizes won over 12 games — his streak came to an end earlier this month — the quirky player has collected more money playing Jeopardy than any of his competitors. But will he be able to sustain that momentum?

Read on for a list of the other 14 contestants competing in the two-week event:

* Seth Wilson from Nacogdoches, Texas. (Won 12 games, totaling $265,002.)

* Andrew Pau from Amherst, Ohio. (Won six games, totaling $170,202.)

* Buzzy Cohen from Los Angeles, Calif. (Won nine games, totaling $164,603.)

* Hunter Appler from Augusta, Ga. (Won six games, totaling $145,603.)

* Lisa Schlit from Berwyn, Pa. (Won six games, totaling $139,100.)

* Pranjal Vachaspati from Urbana, Ill. (Won six games, totaling $137,088.)

* Alan Lin from Riverside, Calif. (Won six games, totaling $123,600.)

* Justin Vossler from Homer, N.Y. (Won five games, totaling $110,000.)

* Tim Aten from Vermilion, Ohio. (Won seven games, totaling $107,499.)

* Jon Eisenman from Los Angeles, Calif. (Won five games, totaling $103,902.)

* Lilly Chin from Decatur, Ga. (Won the College Championship, earning $100,000.)

* David Clemmons from Fort Worth, Texas. (Won the Teachers Tournament, earning $100,000.)

* Sam Deutsch from Calabasas, Calif. (Won the College Championship, earning $100,000.)

* Jason Sterlacci from Somerset, N.J. (Won the Teachers Tournament, earning $100,000.)

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