The Gifted Recap: Gone Girl

Gifted Recap Episode 5

This week on Fox’s The Gifted, we gained insight into what drives agent Jace Turner’s anti-mutant animosity, while the Struckers were driven to reconsider their travel plans.

Coming out of last week’s standoff, where his Sentinel Services team lost custody of both Polaris and Reed, we got a flashback to four years ago, where Turner was enjoying a summertime day in the park with his wife Paula and their daughter Grace. A mutant rally was taking place in the distance, at the far end of the park, when things appeared to start getting out of hand — fireballs launching and bursting in the sky above. Turner went to lead his family away from the escalating protest but Grace took a little too long to retrieve her rag doll from the roundabout, and perished when an energy blast lands too close to them.

Back in the present day, Turner called in for reinforcements, and reinforcements for the reinforcements, determined as he was to track down the escaped mutants and, best case, track them to their home base. His rattling of every mutant-sympathizing safe house resulted in a surge of refugees to the way station, where things were already tense once Fade laid eyes on Reed, who just an episode prior nearly ratted out the entire underground. While the men thumped their chests, Caitlin went to save Trader’s gunshot wound. Andy donated some of his O-negative blood to the cause, while Lauren proved handy herself by crafting an air bubble to (somehow) stop a nicked artery from bleeding.

Reed meanwhile aimed to prove his loyalty to Fade and any other doubters by volunteering himself to get spotted by Sentinel Services and in doing so lead them in a direction away from the way station. As he did so, there was briefly some question about whether Fade would pull up the car in time to save his bacon, but the ornery barkeep did, before disappearing them from the arriving patrol cars.

Marcos and Lauren were off on their own, driving, mulling baby names (Aurora vs. Rory) and merging their powers to handily zap drones put of the sky above, when they met up with a roadblock manned by Turner himself. Polaris used her powers to subdue and disarm the agents, before taking Turner prisoner. Bringing him to a trusty abandoned building, Polaris wrenched a piece of rebar around the agent’s neck, with the idea that she and Marcos would coax out of him intel on how their former colleague Pulse fell into the “employ” of Sentinel Services. When Turner wouldn’t budge — and after he earned some sympathy with the tale of Grace’s death during the infamous “7/15” incident — Polaris and Marcos enlisted Dreamer (by way of a Blink portal) to tap into the agent’s noggin. But just as Dreamer went about working her powers, Agent Weeks led a Sentinel Services assault from outside. As tear gas got lobbed into the building, the mutants dashed for a portal — though as Dreamer warned, she wasn’t finished with Turner, and they shouldn’t leave him like that.

But leave him they did, and the effects of the interrupted “mind meld” later became evident when he returned home that evening to Paula… and asked to tuck Grace into bed. At first confused, and then realizing that his encounter that day with mutants must have done something awful, Paula broke the news to her husband that their little girl was gone, leading him to sob and mourn her tragic death anew.

Back at the way station, Reed reunited (again) with his family over the “best worst dinner” of rib-shaped pork patties ever, where he suggested that, as witnessed that day, they may have important roles to fill within the underground — so they’re putting a pin in their Mexico/Cancun escape plan. Clarice meanwhile confronted Dreamer about messing with her head akin to how she did with Turner, by tricking her into loving someone she barely knows. Dreamer explained that it was all in the name of saving lives and offered to “undo” what she’d done, but Clarice instead ordered her to steer clear of her.

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