Arrow: The Top 10 Security Measures Protecting the Oft-Infiltrated Bunker

Arrow Bunker Security

Black Siren busting into the Bunker in the Arrow Season 6 premiere got us thinking: Just how easy is it to infiltrate the emerald archer’s lair?

After all, Malcolm Merlyn (when decidedly alive) used to slink out of the Arrowcave’s shadows on the regular, and late last season no less than an EMP was planted inside the high-tech hideout. (The irony of that latter crisis is that trapped Oliver and Felicity were unable to make their way out, when so many people seem to waltz right in as if they own the place.)

To get a better sense of the security measures one must cunningly circumvent in the name of arranging an unscheduled face-off with Team Arrow, TVLine contacted some well-placed sources — meaning, a few of the waitresses at the dive bar where Rene regularly downs a few beers after work and spouts off about his “super-secret superhero hangout, shhh!” Here’s what we learned:

The Top 10 Security Measures Protecting
Arrow‘s Oft-Infiltrated Bunker

10. “Green Arrow Bunker” is not (any longer) listed on the mailbox outside.

9. “Beware of Wild Dog” sign out front

8. The front door key is not hidden under the doormat bearing the Arrow emblem but on the top jamb — and on the left side.

7. Old-timey shopkeeper’s bell jingles when the front door is opened

6. A tape recording of a bo staff training session is played when the team is on a mission, so the place doesn’t sound empty.

5. Elevator access panel code alternates weekly between 1234 and 4321.

4. In the elevator, the bunker level is cryptically labeled POOL/FITNESS CENTER.

3. If you’ve made it out of the elevator, be prepared to duck a swinging paint can a la Home Alone (newly installed on Oct. 13).

2. Looking to hack the computer system? Good luck — the password is “Arr0w,” using a zero, not a letter O. (And even if you crack that, guess what? You’ve actually accessed S.T.A.R. Labs’ top-secret system. Sucker.)

And the No. 1 security measure protecting Team Arrow’s oft-infiltrated bunker….

1. Lenny at the 24-hour Big Belly Burger across the street has been asked to keep an eye on the place.

Let’s hope that under Diggle’s watch, they can at least add “icy front steps” to the mix in time for Christmas.

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