Supergirl Recap: A Tale of Two Fathers

Supergirl Recap

Father’s Day came early to Supergirl, as Monday’s episode reunited two characters with their estranged dads. Unfortunately, one of those reunions went down in flames — while the other, despite its happy ending, included plenty of actual flames.

Let’s start with the successful reunion: Following last week’s urgent message from M’gann, Kara and J’onn made (literal) tracks for Mars in what appeared to be a classic convertible. (It was later revealed to be a spaceship in disguise, though that didn’t keep Kara from blasting “…Baby One More Time” on the car radio, which I’ll get to later.)

Anyway, it turns out the White Martians recently located a prison camp for Green Martians, and the only surviving prisoner was — wait for it — J’onn’s father! In addition to being a religious leader, he was kept alive because he’s the only one who knows the location of a powerful magical staff. Naturally, the Whites thought that J’onn would be able to coax its location out of his father, not taking into consideration that he didn’t believe J’onn was who he said he was. And when J’onn took him to their childhood home to jog his memory, he told his son, “You’ve done what your people were unable to do for two centuries: You’ve broken me!”

Fortunately, J’onn was able to work some Martian witchy-woo on dear old dad, convincing him that he’s indeed his presumed-dead son. (It was actually pretty adorable, down to those little alien children.) With an assist from Kara, who distracted the rogue White Martians by introducing them to the glorious sound of Britney Spears, J’onn and his father were able to fight their way back to Earth — though I’m sure their troubles are far from over.

Speaking of dramatic loose ends, Alex and Maggie’s bridal shower presented an opportunity for the latter to reunite with her estranged father, and it quickly became evident why she was so hesitant to reach out to him. After traveling all the way to National City to attend the shower, Maggie’s father — who disowned her for liking a girl when she was 14 — bolted the minute he saw his daughter sharing an innocent kiss with Alex.

This set the stage for a gut-wrenching exchange between Maggie and her father, during which he accused her of (figuratively) spitting in his face. “You can live any way you please,” he told her, “but don’t ask me to witness it.” With tears in her eyes, she told him, “I don’t need anything from you — I’m already good.” It was a tough scene to watch, beautifully performed by Floriana Lima and guest star Carlos Bernard.

Unfortunately, the drama continued during a subsequent chat between Alex and Maggie. The topic of kids came up again — Alex assumed Maggie’s initial disinterest was merely a result of her own traumatic upbringing — and they each reestablished their positions. “My feelings for you are deeper than anything I’ve ever known,” Maggie told her. “I can picture our life together, and it’s full and rich and amazing. But there aren’t kids in that picture.” (Ruh-roh.)

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