Once Upon a Time Recap: Heart Attack

Once Upon Time Recap

It took three weeks, but this Friday on Once Upon a Time we got an idea of what Lady Tremaine’s objective is, both in the other realm and in Hyperion Heights.

In the other realm, we saw Cinderella arrive at the carriage crash site to rendezvous with Henry but too late. Instead, she was confronted by a guard chasing the  prince’s “murderer” — but she was saved by a new friend, Princess Tiana.

Tiana brought Cinderella back to the camp where she and the “resistance” are plotting to thwart whatever  “war” Lady Tremaine is planning with her gradual accumulation of assorted magic. To Cinderella’s surprise, Henry then showed up — with his mother Regina and “not quite” father Captain Hook in tow. Eyeballing the new assets, especially the one who knows her way around a spell, bolstered Tiana’s spirits.

Spurred by a drawing of an ornate box that Tremaine’s minions were seen lugging to her castle, Cinderella snuck out in the middle of the night to see what her arch enemy was up to, and Lady Tremaine was more than happy to show her. The box is a coffin, and inside is Cinderella’s mostly dead stepsister Anastasia. Lady Tremaine preserved her dying daughter with one last breath still inside her, and all she needs to bring her back to the living is a pure heart — as in the heart of the Truest Believer. And if Cinderella doesnt pluck it from Henry Mills with her newly enchanted hand, Tremaine will lay waste to the resistance.

Cinderella returns to camp and gazes upon Henry’s sleeping form, before readying to instead take the heart of a resistance elder who earlier was touted as a “true believer.” Regina shows up to stop her, though, and explain that while she herself might one day have sanctioned the sacrifice, now she knows better. Regina says that Cinderella needs to forgive herself first, for any role she played in Anastasia’s fate (and thus Tremaine’s thirst for revenge), before moving ahead. The next morning, CinderElla and Regina warn Tiana that Tremaine has a trap set at her castle, so they scrap their attack plan for now.

Back in Hyperion Heights….

Meeting with Rogers and Henry, Roni reported that she overheard a tipsy building commissioner boast of reaping a sweet payday via Victoria Belfrey, to be secured at an imminent meet-up. Rogers sets out to spy on the exchange of a thick envelope, and afterwards he seeks out and confronts the commish. Noting that the jig is up, Rogers brings the guy into the cop shop — only to have Weaver later set him free. After chiding his partner for the off-book operation and explaining the Belfrey requires some “finesse,” Weaver explains that the commish now will report back to them when Victoria goes to make her next move.

Meanwhile, Jacinda works off Roni’s idea to fight Victoria’s demotion of the community garden by circulating a petition. Though once she amasses some signatures, Victoria offers her a deal: one of the sweet condos she is wanting to build in trade for the petition going up in smoke. Jacinda agrees, much to Lucy’s disappointment. Separately, Lucy leads Henry into a cavern beneath the garden — a purposely homage to the Season 1 episode about the mine, the lass notes — where she finds a piece of Cinderella’s glass slipper. Henry though remains quite skeptical of the girl’s claims, especially when later he tracks down the graves of his wife and daughter.

As for Lady Tremaine’s agenda in our world, we see her accept delivery of the same ornate coffin, which she brings through the loading dock of her tower and up via the fright elevator to a secret chamber at the top. There, she urges out of the shadows “a witch as wicked as they come” (played by Emma Booth), whom she expects to help bring Anastasia back to life. The witch, though, questions Tremaine’s grand plan to get back her daughter by breaking Lucy’s spirit. And even if she does, the crone notes, Tremaine will still have her to deal with. And I think she and we were supposed to be very afraid…?

What did you think of this first deepish dive into the new Season 7 mythology?

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