Supernatural's Mark Pellegrino Teases Lucifer and Mary's 'Old Married Couple' Vibe, 'Contention' With New Michael

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What’s Satan’s worst nightmare? For Supernatural‘s Lucifer, it’s being separated from his son in an apocalyptic alternate dimension, while his foes Dean and Sam play parents to his offspring, who has chosen the angelic Castiel as his father, to pour salt into the wound.

“This is horrible. The stepparents are winning, and it’s not fun,” star Mark Pellegrino tells TVLine with a laugh. “I think Lucifer is going to try to remedy this situation as soon as possible.”

But couldn’t you also say that the Winchesters are keeping his child safe while he’s MIA? “This is true,” Pellegrino concedes. “These are all of the paradoxes that Lucifer is faced with in the coming episodes.”

And that’s not all that the King of Hell is dealing with in this Thursday’s installment (The CW, 8/7c), which finds him and “strange bedfellow” Mary Winchester coming up against a new iteration of archangel Michael, Pellegrino previews below.

TVLINE | It looks like you’re always having so much fun in this role. What’s the craziest thing that you’ve gotten to do on the show that you just took such pleasure in?
[Laughs] Wow. If I say I took pleasure in the crazy thing, it might indict my character as a human being. [Laughs] There was a scene, [which] might have been in Season 5. This is going to sound so terrible. I don’t want this to impugn me as a person, but I just thought it was funny in a terrible way. Lucifer has possessed all the males in the town with demons, and he has taken all the women and children and sacrificed them to Death, because that’s what Death needed to rise and start the apocalypse. He’s digging the mass grave when Sam and Dean come upon him, and his reaction to this mini holocaust is so, “Yeah, sorry, guys, I had to sort of do this. It’s terrible, it’s awful, but you know, s—t happens.” That was one of the more ironic scenes. The fandom just understood the tongue-in-cheekness of it, and [it] actually made them like Lucifer more than hate him. There’s a billion scenes like that. Playing with Crowley was probably one of my favorite series of episodes.

Supernatural SpoilersTVLINE | You’re spending a lot more time with Mary this season. What are you discovering about that dynamic?
[Laughs] That we’re like an old married couple. We disagree a lot, and we fight. But I think we’re bonded by a basic similarity in personality and stubbornness. That also, oddly, makes Lucifer very vulnerable. To see Lucifer bickering with somebody like that, I find very endearing, and I hope the fans do, as well.

TVLINE | You mentioned Lucifer feeling vulnerable. Does the fact that Jack chose Castiel as his father hurt his feelings? Can Lucifer’s feelings be hurt?
I think it’s a myth that somebody like Lucifer can’t have hurt feelings. The whole mythology of Lucifer and his desire for revenge comes from deeply hurt feelings and dealing with deeply hurt feelings in a rather inappropriate way. So, for sure, he is bothered by the Winchesters and Castiel taking over his parenting responsibilities.

TVLINE | Lucifer’s son is actually more powerful than Lucifer, the producers said recently. I can’t decide if that’s something Lucifer is going to take pride in, or if that’s going to displease him.
It depends on where that power is directed. For now, Lucifer admires his son’s power from afar, and he hears it as legend. He admires it and loves it and wants to see it, just like any father would take pride in a talent of their son. So far, those talents haven’t been turned against him yet, but we don’t know where that’s going to go.

TVLINE | In this week’s episode, we’re getting a lot of Lucifer and Mary in the apocalypse world. How is life treating Lucifer over there?
It sort of sucks, not just because Mary Winchester doesn’t like me, and we’re bickering all the time, but because the narrative of that world has no Lucifer in it. It’s like everywhere Lucifer turns, his existence is denied. [Laughs] That’s really troubling to somebody who takes pride in his stature as a celestial being: to be told, “Nah, Lucifer doesn’t exist. He’s dead, and he was killed. That’s the narrative here. You’re sort of weaker than your brother.” So he has to not only find a way out of this terrible place with a person who doesn’t like him, but the narrative doesn’t even include him anymore.

Supernatural SpoilersTVLINE | The narrative, however, does include Michael, who has a very long and complicated history with Lucifer in our world. How is that relationship and that past different in the alternate world?
It’s completely fresh and new. The contention carries over, but Michael as an entity is a very different being, with a very different agenda, than the Michael that I knew. Whatever Michael’s faults [were] from my perspective — that he didn’t take my side, that he took my father’s side — as angering as that is, [they] could be excusable for his virtues. I’m not sure that the Michael we see in the new world holds those virtues of, say, service or loyalty. He has his own standard. So that puts Lucifer and Michael in contention for very different reasons.

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