Nashville Video: Juliette's On-Stage Tirade Tees Up Season 6 Premiere

When we checked in with Nashville‘s Juliette Barnes at the end of Season 5, she was in a very low place but seemed to be regrouping, reflecting and rebuilding herself as a better person.

Then again, that was a few months ago.

And when the CMT series returns for Season 6 in January, it appears that Ju’s regained her signature spunk… as well as the inability to pass up an opportunity to speak her mind.

“I don’t want your money, I don’t want your attention,” Juliette angrily tells a crowd of concertgoers in the just-released promo above, “and I sure as hell don’t want your love.” (She appears contrite and teary later in the spot, so maybe we’ve got another public apology situation on our hands? How many is that now?)

Ms. Barnes’ outburst isn’t the only noteworthy aspect of the 30-second video. We also get Deacon and Jessie having a possibly flirty phone call (probably with each other), Will giving a stirring speech about art and risk, and Gunnar as a bottle blonde (!). We

Press PLAY on the video above to watch the Music City denizens do their thing, then hit the comments with your prediction for the upcoming season. 

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