SNL Is Clearly Mocking Ian Somerhalder in This Sketch About Climate Change

SNL Climate Change

It doesn’t take a CW junkie to unravel the mystery behind this Saturday Night Live sketch — though it certainly helps.

Originally cut from the Oct. 14 episode due to time restrictions, “Climate Change” stars Beck Bennett as Blake Vilanti, an actor from The CW’s Simon Slays. Blake also happens to “really, really care about the environment,” so he decides he’s going to fix it “…before any other actor.”

This gives way to a fake docuseries called Fixing Earth with Blake Vilanti, in which the brooding actor pesters a real-life scientist (played by host Kumail Nanjiani) with all manner of ludicrous questions, including: “What is the ocean?” and “Which [of my headshots] do you prefer?” Blake also shares a particularly troubling theory about fish drowning that will keep you up at night.

Check out the sketch below:

As I mentioned above, anyone who watches The CW on even a semi-regular basis can tell that Blake is a parody of former Vampire Diaries actor Ian Somerhalder. His love of fedoras is outmatched only by his passion for helping the environment, which led him to create his own foundation that aims to “empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures.” (I would argue that Somerhalder is far more informed than Bennett’s character, but I’m not about to deconstruct the whole sketch here.)

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