Netflix's Mindhunter Gives Birth to New Phenomenon: 'The Groff Glare' (Watch)

TV-MAAbout midway through binge-watching Mindhunter’s addictive, slow-burn-y Season 1 over the weekend, I experienced something of an epiphany about leading man Jonathan Groff: The dude gives good glare. And, man, did Netflix’s serial-killer thriller make full use of his gift in its just-released freshman run.

Over the course of the drama’s 10 episodes, the Looking and Glee alum’s FBI profiler Holden Ford shot his fellow characters a whole mess of daggers. Sometimes he did it to throw shade. Sometimes he did it to express shock and/or awe. And sometimes he did it to telegraph to the audience, “Significant plot development, people — perk up your ears!” Occasionally, he’d test “glare etiquette” by staring at his subject for a few seconds too long — while other people were watching — thereby infusing the scene with a subtle awkwardness.

Groff did so much glaring that, by the time the first season neared its conclusion, his stares became something of their own subplot. (Let’s just say that if this were a drinking game, I would have been forced to take Lyft all weekend.)

Curiously, all of the nearly three dozen instances of “The Groff Glare” occurred in the first eight episodes. That’s right, the final two hours — both of which were directed by exec producer David Fincher — were conspicuously “Groff Glare”-free. Perhaps Fincher decided to dial back the scowl after experiencing its ubiquity in Episodes 1-8? Whatever happened, I’m not going to lie — I missed it. I missed “The Groff Glare.”

Perhaps that’s why I rewatched the entire season on Tuesday and jotted down the time codes of every single “Groff Glare,” then tasked our video producer Jason Averett with stringing them all together into the above video. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Watch Mindhunter‘s central trio react to “The Groff Glare” compilation in real-time below!

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