The Flash Recap: You Whoosh, You Lose

Flash Recap Season 4

This week on The Flash, Barry and Iris gave their “gold standard” status a polish, while Gypsy taught Cisco a shmoopy math lesson. Oh, and did you hear about the new speed suit’s nifty tricks…?

‘AWW, JON SNOW DIED! OH, HE’S ALIVE!’ | Following a bit of Risky Business in which a boxers-clad Barry whipped together breakfast and made a coffee run* mid-pancake flip, before hitting the couch to speedbinge all the TV he missed whilst in the Speed Force, Iris learned that she had no belated wedding planning to tackle, since her fiance had already handled them for her. Later at S.T.A.R. Labs — where Cisco unveiled a newer, digitally enhanced speed suit — Iris realized that Barry had cancelled some “training session” of theirs, without consulting her. Witnessing the duo’s awkward exchange, Caitlin reveals to Iris that when she and Ronnie started working together while dating, they went to couples counseling, but Iris shrugs the idea off for now. After all, “We’re Barry and Iris!”

The FlashBut when Barry later ignores Iris’ advice while out in the field and accidentally redirects an out-of-control car toward greater danger, Iris pulls her beau aside to suggest counseling… and then report they have an appointment in 30 minutes! Round 1 with the shrink is largely played for (sometimes dark) laughs, especially as WestAllen list the many deaths they have been privy to. But Round 2, following Barry’s work emergency, gets to the heart of the matter — that Barry simply left Iris to enter the Speed Force go on his work trip. Afterwards at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry explains to Iris that he feared if he sought her feedback at the time and she asked him to stay, he would have. Iris in turn points out that he is no longer The Flash, that ever since he put that ring on her finger, “We are The Flash” — a credo that latter puzzles Joe when he overhears it for a first time!

The Flash‘IT’S LIKE HE DOESN’T KNOW HE’S A DEAD MAN’ | Also on the romantic side of things this week, Cisco repeatedly put a pin in his planned date with a visiting Gypsy. When Caitlin made clear that Gypsy is in fact not “fine” with being blown off for work, Cisco vibes back his girl to apologize and ask for a rain check. Gypsy then admits that this particular date was special because on her Earth, it’s “1-1-1 Day” aka “when one soul plus one soul equals one soul” — a terribly “shmoopy” sentiment/holiday (though presumably not as bad as St. Shaquille O’Neal Day), but dammit, she’s into it now that she has such a cute fella. Cisco eventually does right by Gypsy via a formal, snazzy, candlelit dinner (outside the speed tunnel), where he promises to never forsake her again.

‘THIS HAS RUINED SRIRACHA FOR ME’ | As for the Meta of the Week: Team Flash faced off against a disgruntled tech whiz who had dubbed himself “Kilgore” and was exacting deadly revenge on those who stole and prohibited handsomely from his namesake malware. When Barry and Wally arrived for a showdown with Kilgore, the meta used his ability to seize control of The Flash’s new suit and turn Barry into his personal action figure (while Wally at first just stood there?). Barry was able to scamper away, but then ran into all sorts of problems due to his fritzing suit, including accidental inflation, the inability to remove it and finally the new Babel Protocol aka a self-destruct sequence!

Once Barry made contact with Team Flash via a payphone, Iris got the idea for him to short out his suit by hurling a lightning bolt at himself. Cisco and Caitlin worried that Barry would kill himself or trigger the self-destruction, but Iris urged him to listen to and trust her — which he did, successfully, before sneaking up on Kilgore and dosing him with a cure for his bio-digital virus.

In dropping Kilgore off at Iron Heights’ meta wing, Barry and Joe asked how the guy got his powers from the particle accelerator blast, if he was in Silicon Valley at the time. Kilgore offered no answers, but instead teased that he’s not the only one of his kind (while Warden Wolfe looked all kinds of sketchy). Judging by a final scene between The Thinker and The Mechanic, there are 12 total metas like Kilgore — and the brilliant new baddie is out to find them all!

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