Supergirl Recap: Mind Over Matter (Plus, Who Returned to Earth?)

Supergirl Recap

Monday’s Supergirl was a real mindscrew.

This week’s episode introduced us to Psi (Jane the Virgin‘s Yael Grobglas), a master of mental manipulation with a penchant for robbing banks. “More money, more happiness,” she told Kara during their first encounter, to which I say someone needs to brush up on her Notorious B.I.G.

Psi’s secret weapon is her ability to exploit her enemies’ fears, which prompted her to send Kara back to the day she fled Krypton. This obviously sucked for Supergirl, but it turned out to be good news for Erica Durance, who was finally given dialogue during the hallucination. As for Kara, she pulled out her own secret weapon — pep talks from her big sister! — and bested Psi with a little mind over matter. (Or, you know, reverse Psi-chology. … I’ll see myself out.)

Speaking of this week’s baddie, Ruby — who is so grounded, by the way — threw herself into harm’s way to prove that her mother has super powers. Sadly, the only thing Sam proved it that her powers are super fickle; if Kara hadn’t swooped in, Sam and Ruby would have been squished by that wrecking ball. On the plus side, Sam is apparently taking over for Lena at L-Corp, so at least she can drown her frustrations in gold coins like Scrooge McDuck.

And Sam will have plenty do at L-Corp, as Lena has chosen to dedicate her energies to “learning the ins and outs of how things work at CatCo.” (Good luck, lady. I’ve been watching this show for two full seasons and I still don’t know how it works.) But Lena’s biggest challenges were of the interpersonal variety: Kara took advantage of Lena’s friendship by shrugging off actual work responsibilities, while James took issue with the way his new boss kept excluding him from important meetings. All wrinkles were ironed out by the end of the hour, but if things continue as they are, I see a lot more friction in this group’s future.

The final scene of the episode brought M’gann back into the fold with a message for J’onn: Come to Mars… now.

Additional thoughts…

* I’m trying to enjoy all these cute Alex/Maggie montages, but it’s really hard knowing that Floriana Lima isn’t sticking around.

* I’ve been known to see a lot of things that aren’t actually there, but… Alex and Sam? Anyone else predicting this?

* And while we’re talking about Sam, what are our theories about Ruby’s father?

* I was surprised to hear that Lena purchased CatCo for $750 million. Did you expect it to be worth more? Less? I can’t decide.

Your thoughts on this week’s Supergirl? And are you #TeamDJ or #TeamBand? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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