Will Mindhunter Season 2 Focus on the BTK Killer? Plus: 4 Burning Questions We Really Need Answered

Mindhunter Season 2

Despite widespread reports that Netflix has already greenlit Mindhunter for a second season, a rep for the streamer insists that the circa ’70s psychological serial-killer thriller starring Looking‘s Jonathan Groff — which dropped its 10-episode first season last Friday — has not been formally renewed.

We’re going to assume that an official pickup is inevitable, given that the Season 1 finale appears to set the stage for a larger storyline involving real-life sociopath Dennis Rader (aka The BTK Killer). Dennis appears fleetingly and cryptically throughout Mindhunter‘s first season (typically in the episode’s cold opens), and although his exact identity remains something of a mystery, EP David Fincher drops a few telltale  bread crumbs; in addition to his name being Dennis, the shady fella — like the actual BTK Killer — also lives in Kansas and works for ADT Security Services.

Curiously, in a recent interview with Billboard.com, Fincher revealed that a potential second season would primarily center on the infamous Atlanta child murders, in which nearly 30 African-American children, teens, and young adults were kidnapped and killed between 1979 and 1981.

Another reason we’re confident there’s more Mindhunter in our future: Fincher & Co. have some explaining/clarifying/answering to do about the following:

* Assuming Groff’s Agent Ford survives his season-ending panic attack, will he be suspended — or even fired — for the whole c–t coverup?
* Are Holden and Debbie (Hannah Gross) dunzo? Also what exactly went on between her and Patrick?
* What happened to the feral cat Dr. Wendy Carr (Anna Torv) was plying with tuna fish? And was it, in fact, a cat?!

What burning questions do you have about Mindhunter Season 1? And what did you think of the season overall? Deposit a grade below and then elaborate in the comments!

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