Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Premiere Recap: When Not in Rome...

Legends of Tomorrow

Before the Legends of Tomorrow even had a hot second to assess the anachronistic situation they had created in the Season 2 finale, they butted heads with the new sheriffs in town — Rip Hunter’s Time Bureau.

Formed in the “five years” since Rip bid Sara & Co. adieu, the Bureau and its fancy gizmos made quick work of the dinosaurs and such that had been displaced into modern-day L.A. Worse, Rip informs Sara that the Legends’ services are thus no longer needed, their ship taken from them (and turned into a simulator).

The Legends set out to lead normal lives, with varying degrees (meaning: zero to little) of success. Sara can barely help from offing her officious boss at Sink, Shower & Stuff; the great tech titan Ray Palmer is rudely dismissed by his boss at a dating app upstart; and Nate is playing second fiddle to Kid Flash in Central City. Jefferson took a stab at returning to school, but he’s restless — a lament he confides in Stein, whose home life is fuller than ever, now that daughter Lily is expecting.

That said, when Sara gets wind that vacationing/STD-collecting Mick has spotted and detained the Julius Caesar in Aruba, she, Nate and Ray wind up commandeering the Waverider and pick up Firestorm’s two halves, looking to prove their value to the Time Bureau. Arriving in Aruba, Sara and her combat skills makes quick work of Caesar, much to the great conqueror’s chagrin. But when the team gets cheeky and decides to return him to ancient Rome themselves, versus allowing the Time Bureau the glory, they do what they do best — screw up more than a bit, by leaving behind Nate’s book on Ancient Rome. Armed with that history lesson (the fateful Ides of March included), Caesar is able to conquer all of the world, leaving the Legends no America to return to.

When the cocksure Time Bureau falls into a trap in attempting their own fix, the Legends “suit up” and wallop Caesar and his army good, while also rescuing the bureau’s Agent Sharpe (Mistresses‘ Jes Macallan). As a begrudging “thanks,” Rip allows Sara to hold onto the Waverider — though what he is concealing, as disclosed to Sharpe, is that the Legends and their “chainsaw”-like methods may come in handy in fending off Mallus, a mysterious new threat born of the Legends’ biggest screw-up.

Mick agrees to abandon his life of leisure/STDs to re-up with the team, while in perhaps the logically wobbliest moment, Stein gladly bails on his growing family to do right by Jefferson, whom he dragged into this whole venture back in the pilot. In a final scene, while Nate pines for Amaya (who “dumped him” to return to her purpose in 1942 Zambesi), we see that she has her hands full (but is getting the job done) as protector of the village.

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