The CW's Valor Premiere: Grade It!

Valor Recap Series Premiere

You probably weren’t expecting to come out of Valor‘s premiere with “Hello, My Baby!” stuck in your head, but that turned out to be one of many surprises hidden up the new CW series’ camouflaged sleeves.

The military drama, which debuted Monday, introduced viewers to Captain Leland Gallo (played by Sleepy Hollow‘s Matt Barr) and Chief Warrant Officer Nora Madani (Blood Drive‘s Christina Ochoa), the only two soldiers who returned home alive from a retrieval mission in Somalia. But neither the cowboy with a penchant for rough sex nor the pill-snorting pilot with a shady past are particularly thrilled about being rewarded with the Flying Cross for Valor — and for good reason.

You see, there were a few minor details that Gallo and Nora forgot to mention in their debriefs, like how they discovered that the “prisoner” they were retrieving was actually an American soldier thought to have been killed in action in 2014. And that a mysterious baddie named Richard Lasky was the reason that soldier was taken captive. And that Nora killed Richard while the unidentified soldier ran off into the night.

But let’s get back to “Hello, My Baby!” for a minute… One of the soldiers still in Somali custody, Jimmy Kam (Shades of Blue‘s W. Trè Davis), used the classic ditty to infuriate his captors, who believed that music was an offense to God. And under his captors’ orders, he also called home and essentially corroborated the lies that Gallo and Nora fed their superiors, adding to the mystery of what the frog is really going on.

But Valor is about more than just military conspiracies and Michigan J. Frog jams. This being The CW, every character — from the dutiful soldiers to the CIA big wigs — is beautiful. Sexual tension abounds!

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