Project Runway: Which Twin Survived?

Project Runway Recap

Warning: This article reveals the results of Thursday’s hotly anticipated Buitendorp battle. If you don’t want to be spoiled, you should probably see yourself out.

It was the showdown Project Runway fans had been waiting for all week — and it did not disappoint. Thursday’s episode began right where we left off, with Shawn and Claire competing in a one-hour challenge to see which twin would remain on the show.

But after 15 minutes, Shawn’s mannequin remained bare, while Claire had actually gotten pretty far along in her design. You could feel the meltdown coming on even before Shawn broke down in tears in the middle of the workroom. Then, she called for Tim Gunn.

“This is something that tears at me,” she began. “I think it’s Claire that needs to stay. I already know that it’s her. I want to give her the credit that she is due. I want her to continue in my stead.”

That’s right, fellow Runway junkies, Shawn chose to sacrifice herself for the good of her sister. (To be fair, though, was it really a sacrifice? I mean, it was pretty clear that she wasn’t going to whip up anything worthwhile, so she was basically just sparing herself the humiliation of a formal judgment.)

Still, Claire lamented her sister’s decision, saying, “It’s very, very, very hard for me to accept that she no longer want to compete in this challenge… because I know that’s not true.”

I think what surprised me the most was the overall response to Shawn’s forfeit. Gunn started crying, guest judge Asia Kate Dillon gave a speech about letting go of your loved ones — even Zac Posen appeared to be exhibiting hint of a glimmer of compassion. It was as if they forgot that the twins have spent the past few weeks annoying the crap out of everyone and making things more difficult for their fellow designers.

Oh, well.

We’ll post a full recap of tonight’s episode when it finishes airing on the east coast. But for now, drop a comment with your thoughts on Shawn’s forfeit below. Was she the right twin to go?

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