The Simpsons Spoofs Game of Thrones and More in Season Premiere — Grade It

The Simpsons Recap

Sunday’s (29th!) season premiere of The Simpsons transported viewers to a fantasy world where Hobbits are on the menu, Narnia‘s Aslan moonlights as a door-to-door evangelist and Genital Smurfs are among the fastest-spreading STDs in all the land.

Even though this land’s version of Homer’s family goes by a different name — the Serfsons, a not-so-subtle nod to their low social standing — each member fulfills its usual role. Marge cooks whatever she can scrape up, including the occasional three-eyed raven; Homer works a mindless job under the nefarious eye of Mr. Burns Lord Montgomery; Bart spends his days playing with an assortment of Milhouse-looking goblin friends; and Lisa remains the most gifted family member, though she wisely conceals her ability to turn lead into gold.

But when Marge’s mother is given one week before her entire body freezes solid — a cautionary tale about making out with Ice Walkers — the Serfsons spring into action. Lisa uses her magic to make gold, which Homer takes to buy a charmed amulet, which Marge’s mom wears to fend off the chill. (Anyone else taken aback by the surprisingly dense mythology in this episode?)

Unfortunately, Lisa’s magic use catches the attention of Sorceror-intendent Chalmers, who whisks her away to Lord Montgomery’s spire. A dragon fends off Homer’s revenge mob — he’s always been so good at putting those together on the fly, hasn’t he? — but it loses its flame when Marge’s mother goes full-ice and sacrifices herself, thus wiping out all of the land’s magic. (Again, I ask: Were you expecting this much mythology?!)

But because that would be too easy an ending, Homer revives the dragon using a glorified campfire, then watches as it burns down his entire village. Say it with me: D’oh!

My favorite moments:

* I know it was gross, but there was something weirdly adorable about Krusty’s Genital Smurfs missing the ones they passed along to his lady friend.

* I also love that Homer’s mob turned the trees into ladders to climb the wall, rather than just letting them knock it down.

* In case you didn’t read about it online ahead of time, that was Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (aka Game of Thrones‘ Jaime Lannister) voicing Marge’s twin brother. (“Always here if you need me, sis!”)

* Homer referred to his boob-like elbows  as “boob-ows.” Why didn’t he call them “el-boobs”?!

OK, enough from me. What did you think of the season premiere? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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