The Mick Season 2 Premiere Recap: How Mickey Got Her Groove Back

The Mick Recap

Considering The Mick‘s first season ended with the fiery destruction of the Pemberton mansion, you probably weren’t expecting Tuesday’s season premiere to open with Mickey and the gang back in the lap of luxury.

Neither was Barry, the family’s money manager, who became Public Enemy No. 1 when he froze the kids’ accounts to keep them from blowing their trust funds on rooms at the fanciest hotel in town.

Obviously, Mickey had no choice but to hire a hooker and blackmail Barry into loosening the purse strings — though her plan required some slight tinkering when she learned that Barry was secretly gay. Before they knew it, Mickey and Sabrina were Pretty Woman-ing a male escort and watching him rear-end Barry. (With his car. Come on, I know we’re talking about prostitution here, but get your mind out of the gutter.)

Unfortunately, this completely brilliant plan backfired when Mickey threatened to show the photos of Barry and the escort to his wife… only to discover that he doesn’t have a wife. The woman Mickey thought was his wife was actually his sister, with whom he’s been staying since her husband died in Afghanistan. #DoubleFail

So it was back to the Pemberton mansion for the whole lot of ’em, though the place (which Mickey colorfully referred to as “charred”) has definitely seen better days.


* Poor, impressionable Ben caught a few seconds of a televangelist’s rant (“Demons walk amongst us!”) in his hotel room, feeding into his pre-existing fear that there really is something wrong with Alba — you know, besides her just being wasted 24/7. I have no idea how long it took that kid to read the entire Bible out loud in one sitting… but Alba sure does.

* Determined to keep up appearances, Chip enlisted Jimmy’s help in convincing his friends that he was still living large at the Fairbanks. (It turns out, all you really need to fit in is a bathrobe!)

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