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Teen Wolf Series Finale: Did the Ending Offer a Clue to MTV's Possible Reboot?

Teen Wolf Reboot

Admit it, we were all wondering the same thing during the closing moments of Sunday’s Teen Wolf series finale: Is this a subtle preview of the show’s much-discussed (but still theoretical) “reboot”?

The extended episode ended with an unspecified time jump, revealing a dark future in which Monroe’s army has grown by the thousand. And to combat the ever-increasing danger, Scott and his pack are recruiting new Supernaturals from all over the globe.

But before you start assuming that we’ll see newbie Alec — or any of Scott’s pack members for that matter — in a future Teen Wolf offshoot, consider what showrunner Jeff Davis tells TVLine:

This actually was an idea I had a long time ago, back in Season 4 or so,” Davis tells TVLine. “I had this idea of Scott meeting this other kid, and what he really represents — more than the possibility of a reboot — is the audience. He represents us. So Scott is basically saying to us, ‘If you’re different, if you feel like an outsider, you can be one of us.’ That’s the message of inclusiveness on the show.

TVLine previously asked Davis about the reboot rumors at San Diego Comic-Con in July. Here’s what he told us then:

I’ve been having [discussions] with MTV. There’s a new regime there, headed by Chris McCarthy, who’s fantastic and has a real vision of how to reestablish the MTV brand. He’s got a great love for Teen Wolf, so he and I have been talking about doing a podcast, something along the lines of S-Town or Serial or even Homecoming. [It’s our way of] keeping the franchise going. It’s just talk now, just the possibility of a reboot. But it seems like if they’d be into it, we could do a little bit of re-invention.

Your thoughts on Teen Wolf‘s final episode (for now), as well as its possible return in podcast form? Drop ’em in a comment below.