The Price Is Right Hands Out a Record-Setting $80K (!) on the Wheel — Watch

Get ready to witness a Price Is Right jackpot of epic (and expensive!) proportions.

In the clip above from Friday’s episode, three contestants line up to spin the wheel, and since TPIR is celebrating Drew Carey’s tenth anniversary as host this week, if they spin a dollar, they win $10,000 instead of the usual $1,000. What’s more: Their second spin could win them $25,000 if they spin a dollar again. Got it? Good… because this is what we in the TV biz call foreshadowing.

The incredible run begins with Wilbert’s spin landing on 75 cents, giving him an even dollar and the $10,000 bonus. Then Charlotte spins a dollar — another 10 grand. And the third contestant, Zacharia? His two spins add up to a dollar, too, and yep, that’s three dollar spins and 30 grand in bonuses. And they all still need to spin again!

Wilbert steps up for spin number two… and hits a dollar, winning an additional $25,000. Then Charlotte follows and spins a dollar again, and she’s got another 25 grand. That’s a grand total of five dollar spins and $80,000 in bonuses — the most the 45-year-old game show has ever given away on the wheel. It’s enough to make your head, well, spin.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch a slice of Price Is Right history… and please say a prayer for the show’s wheel calibrator, who is definitely getting chewed out by producers right now.