Teen Wolf Finale Preview: Reunions, Deaths and 'Heroic Moments'

Teen Wolf Series Finale

For the past six seasons, MTV’s Teen Wolf has filled fans’ heads with all kinds of thoughts, including the ever-popular “What is happening right now?” But with the series finale just days away, only one question remains: How’s it all going to end?

TVLine spoke with showrunner Jeff Davis ahead of Sunday’s farewell episode (MTV, 8/7c) to find out what fans can expect from the show’s emotional conclusion.

For starters, this being the pack’s final battle, Davis wanted to “make sure everyone got heroic moments — Derek, Scott, Stiles, everybody. Reunions were also important, like when Derek sees Scott for the first time, or when Stiles, Lydia and Jackson all meet up. That was super important to me.” (Editor’s note: Lydia’s reunion with Jackson provides one of the episode’s stand-out moments.)

“I wanted to make sure that it was still Scott McCall’s episode and that everything felt meaningful and climactic,” he continues. “There are so many different series finales out there, and most of them tend to piss the audience off. You can’t really think about the audience. You just have to remember your own love for the project.”

And even though TVLine confirmed that Deucalion bites the big one — you can actually click here to watch him die — you can rest assured that most of your favorites remain safe from the Grim Reaper’s icy grip.

“I didn’t want to do a finale where half the characters die,” Davis says. “There are some finales that really treat it like it’s the end of the world, and I didn’t want to do that. A lot of times, when people sit down to write finales, they’re like, ‘OK, Who are we going to kill off?’ Not me.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean Davis didn’t face his fair share of challenges while penning the show’s closing hour. Along with some of the emotional reunions, which he admits were “very difficult,” Davis says, “The hardest part about [writing the finale] was writing it before Episodes 18 and 19 were written. Due to scheduling certain actors to make sure they could all be there, we had to shoot [the finale] first. We had general ideas of where things would go in 18 and 19, but I was re-writing pages as quickly as possible on all three episodes. It was not easy.”

Still, Davis enjoyed revisiting some of the friendships that made Teen Wolf such a hit with fans in the first place — including Stiles and Derek. Recalls Davis, “It was fun to go back to their chemistry, back to their love/hate relationship with one another.”

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