The Strain Series Finale Recap: Master Blaster

Strain Series Finale Eph Dies

The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from the Season 4/series finale of FX’s The Strain.

FX’s The Strain wrapped its four-season run on Sunday night by going out with a (very) big bang. But who all perished in the boffo blast?

The heroes’ grand plan of course was to take the nuclear option, as it were — hiding the warhead they had hunted down in a “forgotten” water tunnel located 800 feet beneath the city’s streets. There, they would lure the Master into the elevator cage and then explode the cables, sending him plummeting to the bottom. And while Quinlan kept his adversary busy, Fet decided that it would be his fate to detonate the bomb, vaporizing the Master, Quinlan and himself, while leaving the cityscape above safe and structurally sound.

Dutch was no fan of this plan, finally avowing her deep-seated feelings for the rat catcher and beseeching him not to make the ultimate sacrifice. Fet had to marvel/chuckle a bit at the dire circumstances required to finally make his sometime-love interest get mushy, but he stuck to his guns. That led Dutch to ask Eph to talk their colleague out of the suicide mission.

Eph would do a bit more than that, though. Because when it came time to spring the trap — after Dutch, Gus and the others lured scores of strigoi to the tunnel entrance site, and Quinlan shoved the Master (and Zach) into the about-to-drop elevator — it was Eph who (not surprisingly, at all) rushed into the smaller cage and sent himself 800 feet below, to be the trigger man.

That would be far from the last, or biggest, twist. Down in the tunnel, Zach looked on as Quinlan and the Master slugged it out, with the former literally going for the jugular by ripping out his rival’s throat, only to ultimately get his noggin stomped into goo. With his dying gasps, the Master urged Zach to shoot his father, but the lad instead unloaded his gun into the monster. The Master, betrayed, went to turn Zach into his new host, but Eph intervened. All the good doc got for his brave effort, though, was a mouthful — and then some! — of wormy parasitic goodness. Like, all of it. Every damn worm. Easily one of the year’s Grossest TV Moments.

At first, Eph seemed to be enough of his usual self to lumber over to the warhead and resume the grand plan. Before he could flick the actual switch, though, he fully turned into the Master’s new host and invited Zach, with his new raspy voice, to rule humanity at his side, as Vader and Luke “father and son.” With what would be his final seconds of life, Zach  for once — for once — did the right thing, reaching to detonate the bomb whilst hugging his pop.

Flash-forward five years and Fet’s voiceover explains that the strigoi army, lacking a “central intelligence,” became dumb, easy kills. Also, Earth’s atmosphere was recuperating slowly but surely, now allowing several hours of sun a day. The interim government kept a handful of strigoi alive imprisoned in a cell because, Fet snarked, “What could go wrong?” Roman, we were told, help lead the city’s renewal and Gus left for the countryside to help refugees, while Dutch helped get the ol’ Internet back up and running.

In another positive sign, rats had returned to the city, Fet noted while tracking some rodent dung — shortly before bumping into Dutch on a riverfront walk, after what seemed to be an extended time apart. He asked if he could join her for a walk and she agreed, as Fet’s voiceover observed that although the Master had aimed to use humankind’s love as a conduit for the strain, “It was love that saved us all and gave us the world, our world, back.”

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