Twin Peaks: David Lynch Lays Out Timetable for Any Potential Season 4

Twin Peaks Season 4

That gum you like won’t be back in style, again, until at least the year 2021 — if ever, says Twin Peaks co-creator David Lynch.

Almost two weeks after the Showtime revival wrapped its 18-episode -part run, Lynch has offered a brand-new status report on any possible Season 4.

“No, we haven’t talked,” he told EW.com when asked if Showtime has expressed an interest in more episodes. After all, he noted, “The thing just finished!”

The acclaimed auteur went on to say, “Even if there was more, it would be four years from now before anyone would see it. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Four years of course is lightning-fast, relatively speaking, seeing as Season 3 took 25-plus years to grace our screens.

As for what any possible continuation would entail (as if anyone has any meaningful grasp on what The Return truly chronicled!), Lynch not surprisingly hedged, “I can’t talk about that.”

All told, Lynch seems satisfied to have served up an 18-episode -part revisiting of FBI Agent Dale Cooper, Sheriff’s Deputy Andy Brennan, Audrey Horne at al. “It feels really good. It went really good in the world,” he said. “I feel very thankful and happy that we did it.”

TVLine readers gave Twin Peaks: The Return an average grade of “B+,” while the two-hour finale merited a “B.” Among the unresolved mysteries, 53 percent said Audrey Horne’s fate was the most dangling one.

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