Stitchers Cancelled at Freeform

Stitchers Cancelled Freeform

The last stitch has been made, apparently: Freeform has cancelled the sci-fi crime drama Stitchers after three seasons, TVLine has confirmed.

Stitchers starred Emma Ishta as college student Kirsten Clark, who was recruited to join a top-secret government program where people are “stitched” into the memories of the recently deceased to solve unsolved murders and other crimes. Kyle Harris co-starred as neuroscientist Cameron Goodkin, who worked in the Stitchers program and became a love interest of Kirsten’s.

Debuting back in 2015, Stitchers wrapped up its third season last month with a double-whammy cliffhanger, as Kirsten lost all of her memories due to a botched stitch — but then was revealed to be faking, telling a shadowy figure, “I will never forgive you for what you’re making me do to [Cameron].”

Asked what he’d like to see in a fourth season, Harris told TVLine, “It would be cool to see how the program has to protect Kirsten now that she’s essentially a weapon. If she fell into the wrong hands, [there would be consequences]… We could play celebrity for a moment, since the team is like a group of superheroes in a way. But that could easily take a turn — I could see people getting angry that we have access to all these private memories.”

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