Seth Meyers: President Trump's Not an Independent, He's a 'Narcissist'

Seth Meyers on Thursday weighed in on the media’s response to President Donald Trump’s attempt to negotiate a deal on DACA.

The Late Night host used his latest “Closer Look” segment to plead with cable news commentators, who began referring to POTUS as a “radical centrist” and “party of one” after he met with Democratic leaders to discuss protections for Dreamers.

“Can we all please let go of this idea that Trump is some kind of maverick independent who is above party alliance?” Meyers asked. “Being an independent isn’t the same thing as being a rudderless narcissist.”

The narcissism of which Meyers spoke referred to Trump’s belief that he’d be able to leverage DACA to once and for all secure funding for his border wall, which he ultimately did not. Meyers then compared Trump’s negotiation skills to that of a Looney Tunes character.

“Trump initially promised that Mexico would pay for the wall, then he said Congress would pay for the wall, then he said he would trade DACA to pay for the wall. Now he’s trading DACA and no one’s paying for the wall,” Meyers said. “He might be the worst negotiator since Daffy Duck.” He then queued up the damning evidence.

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