Zoo Bombshell: Do the Numbers Possibly Add Up?

Zoo Jackson Sam Son

The following contains a major, and majorly ridiculous, spoiler from this week’s episode of CBS’ Zoo.

As the penultimate episode of Zoo Season 3 drew to a close, Jackson finally got the face-to-face with his villainous sister that he wanted. But after non-fatally peppering her with bullets from a big gun, at close range, Abigail failed to “Stoptalking” as (we all) requested and instead continued on with her Villain Speech/Evil Gloating.

As she did so, you had to wonder what she was building up to, speaking to Jackson and alluding to how Clem’s miraculous pregnancy was no mistake and all that. But what she was getting at, we and Jackson eventually learned, is that Clementine’s baby daddy Sam — aka the double-crosser whom Jackson just pitched down a hill to be feasted on by razorbacks — is actually Jackson’s believed-dead son Connor! And Abigail is lugging around the fragment of baby blanket to prove it!!

Who else got to Googling “James Wolk +age” immediately afterward…?

I certainly did, and while it at first blush it seems patently absurd that the 32-year-old Wolk could have fathered Sam, who is around 20 — if portrayer Delon de Metz is the same age as Grace “Clem” Dzienny, listed as 21 on IMDb — I rationalized it all like this:

The Jackson we knew in Seasons 1 and 2 was played by the 32-year-old Wolk. But given the 10-year time jump in last summer’s finale, theoretically Jackson is now in his early 40s.

Which, yeah, jibes. Even though he looks… the same.

What did you think of the season finale’s table-setter and that closing skirmish between Jackson, his sister and… his son, whom he later rescued from the hybrid buffet? (Certainly that merits a “No. 1 Grandpa” doodle from Baby Not-Cadmus at some point, yes?)

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