Raven's Home Video: Watch Raven Vogue Her Way Down Memory Lane

Prepare to see Raven at her most… well, Raven.

The titular queen of Raven’s Home is in rare form in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek of Friday’s episode (Disney Channel, 8/7c), during which Nia goes to her mom for advice about her school dance — you know, in the event that she accidentally finds herself at the center of a dance circle.

As Raven explains, “dance circles” weren’t big in her day. She was more of a voguing girl, and as you’ll see, she’s still got it.

Unfortunately, it’s not all fun and games this week. The reason Raven is helping out with Nia’s school dance in the first place is because she’s worried about not spending enough time with her kids — resulting in her going overboard to compensate for all the time she spends at work.

“One of the things that people get a kick out of about Raven Baxter’s character, is that she’s always up in everybody’s business,” Raven-Symoné tells TVLine. “As a mother, in this episode she takes on too much. She’s trying to bake cupcakes for the kids’ school dance, she’s trying to take care of her daughter, she’s trying to do this and do that for work — and it just becomes overwhelming for her. She realizes she doesn’t have to be super mom to be a good mom.”

Adds co-star Anneliese van der Pol, “My favorite part about filming this episode was that you finally get to see Chelsea step up a bit as a friend, but more so as an involved parent who is quite present and well, frankly… grown. It’s a side I don’t think viewers get to see often from Chelsea and it’s something I enjoy connecting to very much. While I’m not a parent myself, what I think mothers will take away from this week’s episode is what I believe my mother would have taken away, which is that you have to decide what an ‘involved parent’ really means to you and your family.”

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