General Hospital Video: Steve Burton's Familiar Look, Return Date Revealed

Motorcycles don’t have seat belts, but you might want to buckle up regardless, because General Hospital‘s new promo for Steve Burton‘s highly anticipated return only adds fuel to the fire that the real Jason Morgan is about to ride into town.

The apropos song “Hold On, I’m Coming” plays as a fog lifts to reveal the Daytime Emmy winner straddling a hog, his garb and steely gaze very much evoking that of his take on rich kid-turned-mob tough Jason Morgan né Quartermaine, who is currently played by Billy Miller. The teasey teaser also nails down a date for Burton’s homecoming — Tuesday, Sept. 19.

“Jason’s life affects, like, 30 people on the show. There is almost nobody who won’t be affected by [Burton’s] return,” GH boss Frank Valentini told TVLine last month. “That whole paradigm — ‘Who’s the real Jason? How will people react to him?’ — I find to be very interesting, and it will be fun for the audience.”

Burton has stated that he will be back on GH for “a while”,  while Valentini says that the effects of the fan fave’s encore will be felt “for probably about nine months, before we settle into the next big thing.”