BoJack Horseman Returns for More Horsing Around in Season 4 — But Has Anyone Seen the Horse Around?

BoJack Horseman Recap

BoJack Horseman, arguably the most popular talking-animal comedy on Netflix, returned Friday for its fourth season. And for most of the show’s anthropomorphic ensemble, it was monkey business as usual.

In fact, the only thing separating this premiere from others is… well, it’s distinct lack of BoJack. Just like in the trailer, the show’s titular manimal is completely M.I.A. from the 26-minute season opener, which shows just how much of a mess his friends’ lives are without him around.

Unsurprisingly, Mr. Peanutbutter fills the show’s temporarily vacant spotlight, making an outlandish bid for governor (“I’m mainly for people right now, but also for the future”) against Chuck Woodchuck, who initially balks at PB’s challenge for a high-stakes ski race for the governorship. But PB’s ex-wife being the killer campaign manager that she is, it isn’t long before a Constitutional amendment was introduced to make ski-offs a formal way of choosing a governor.

Mr. Peanutbutter’s political hopes are temporarily dashed when Todd (by way of his “drone throne”) accidentally crosses the finish line first. But just like his sexuality — or possibly “asexuality,” as Emily points out — Todd isn’t really into labels, so he immediately resigns, making way for exactly the kind of ludicrous electoral process PB had always hoped for.

Meanwhile, things are moving along nicely between Ralph and Princess Carolyn — and by “nicely,” I mean quickly. Shortly after he invites her to live with him (“Could you, would you, with a mouse?”), she tells him about a recent miscarriage she experienced, triggering him to suggest, “Maybe we should get you pregnant… on purpose.” (And who said romance is dead?)

Of course, this is just the first half hour of the season. What transpires is yet another devastating tale of self-discovery, self-loathing and self-medication — but we’ll save that for another recap.

Additional bites…

* There’s apparently an American Dead Girl series in BoJack world. This season, the focus is on Sarah Lynn — and they need someone to play BoJack.

* Does anyone else kind of want to watch Paul Blart 3: ‘Til Death Do Us Blart?

Your thoughts on BoJack Horseman‘s fourth season premiere? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review. (And try not to spoil future episodes for those who haven’t binged them all yet.)

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