Bachelor Mystery Deepens: 'Probably Not' Peter Kraus? Sorta Wells Adams? Plus More Surprising Clues

Peter Kraus The Bachelor

The Bachelor is quickly developing into one of television’s most intriguing dramas.

Series creator Mike Fleiss on Wednesday took to Twitter to announce that recent Bachelorette runner-up Peter Kraus — previously believed to be a shoo-in for The Bachelor‘s upcoming 22nd season — will “probably not” get a second chance at finding small-screen love, after all.

Though Fleiss insists that “all options are on the table” regarding the next suitor, he also recently confirmed that neither Wells Adams (Season 12) nor Dean Unglert — who vied against Kraus for Rachel Lindsay’s affections earlier this year — will be the next leading man. (For what it’s worth, Fleiss hinted that Adams was a “warmer” guess than many others.)

In fact, all we really know is that the new Bachelor will not be from JoJo Fletcher’s season, knocking more than two dozen gentlemen out of the running.

Of course, there’s a much larger mystery here than simply the identity of the next Bachelor.  On Aug. 30, Fleiss tweeted for fans to “stand by for shocking news” about the show… but no news came. One day later, after curiously asking Twitter if a network has ever canceled its No. 1 show, Fleiss said he hoped to make an “unbelievably shocking announcement” regarding the next suitor… but no shocking announcement came.

It was then speculated that Kraus, still thought to be a shoo-in at the time, would be announced as a contestant on the new season of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, but that announcement came and went with nary a mention of him. Fleiss even tweeted on Tuesday evening that he “might succumb to pressure” and let Good Morning America break the news, though it would appear he held strong.

Either way, it sounds like Fleiss has some game-changing plans for whichever familiar face enters the mansion next:

What do you make of all this Bachelor drama? Are you still holding out hope for Kraus? If not, who the heck is going to be the next suitor? Drop a comment with all of your thoughts below.