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Fosters EP on Finale's ICE-y Cliffhanger, [Spoiler]'s Return, Heartbreaking Twist

The Fosters Recap

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Tuesday’s The Fosters finale.

It was a prom night to remember during The Fosters‘ summer finale on Tuesday, but it wasn’t all positive memories.

First, the good news: Emma and Jesus got back together, and Mariana — who pretended to be dating Wyatt, then Emma, to throw off Logan’s suspicious girlfriend — ended up sharing a dance with her ex Mat. (So many love interests, so little time!)

Now, the bad: Callie and Aaron had a major fight after he expressed his concern that her ex AJ could steal her back, to which Callie angrily responded that she was no one’s property. The night got worse when she went outside to discover that ICE agents had come for Dreamer Ximena. As Aaron watched from afar, Callie drove away with AJ, while Ximena hid in the backseat, but ICE was right behind them.  The trio eventually found sanctuary inside of a church — but for how long?

Elsewhere, Grace’s mother dropped a heartbreaking bombshell on Brandon: Grace has leukemia, and Mom’s taking her daughter home for treatment.

In the fight for Anchor Beach Charter School, a familiar name texted Mariana, claiming to have information about who destroyed the new school model. But Mariana left her phone behind on the table before she could see that the message was from her stalker ex Nick.

Below, executive producer Joanna Johnson weighs in on the timely DACA cliffhanger, Callie’s latest “step backwards” and the finale’s many romantic developments.

TVLINE | The season started out with Stef asking Callie when she was going to put her own life first, and here she is in another potentially dangerous situation. How will that impact Callie’s future?
Callie is struggling with whether to be an activist in her life, or just be more focused on her own success and her own journey. The truth is, like Aaron says in one episode, “I don’t think that’s who you are. I think you are someone who, in her heart, cares about others and is an activist.” But the question is: How can she do that in a way that is not self-destructive? This time is a bit different because she’s standing up for something she really believes is right, but she’s not putting herself into tremendous peril. We don’t believe she’s being self-destructive. But again, it’s two steps forward, one step backwards for Callie. With anyone, especially when you’re 17, this is a lesson that is going to be hard-earned for her. What do you do when you see an injustice in society? Do you just stand back and do nothing? That’s something that she struggles with, and that the moms struggle with. Are they ashamed of Callie? Are they upset that Callie helped this girl who’s being unfairly targeted by ICE? Hard to say that that was a bad thing to do.

TVLINE | With the Ximena cliffhanger, how much are you having to tweak or evolve story points for next season to keep up with what’s happening in the news right now with DACA?
We’ll definitely tweak our DACA story as events evolve. How much we’ll have to adapt depends on whether Trump is heartless enough to end the program that has allowed 800,000 young people who were brought to this country as children to work and study without fear of being targeted by immigration for deportation. [Ed. note: President Trump’s attorney general announced plans earlier on Tuesday to end the DACA program.]

The Fosters SpoilersTVLINE | Is Aaron’s jealousy over Callie and AJ spending time together all in his head, or is the love triangle reignited?
Callie’s serious about Aaron, and though she has history with AJ, history is sometimes best left in the past. But we’ll see.

TVLINE | What’s Nick’s stake in the Anchor Beach storyline? Is it about winning Mariana back? Or does he really care about the school?
That’s the question: Is he manipulating her? Is he just trying to find a way to get her back in his life? And what lessons has Mariana learned about when you have a stalker in life who’s baiting you? Do you take the bait or not?

TVLINE | Are Mariana and Mat headed toward reconciliation?
Mariana’s gone, I think we figured out, 18 episodes without a boyfriend. So sometimes when it rains, it pours. Mariana’s going to have her options open this season.

The Fosters RecapTVLINE | There were boxes packed up, so it seems Grace’s mom is serious about taking her home. How much of what she’s going through and her relationship with Brandon will we see next season?
She’s supposed to be heading home, and Brandon certainly isn’t going to move up to Marin to be there with her. But something may come up that would stall her departure and give Brandon and Grace some more time together. They have a genuine love that’s budding.

TVLINE | Stef’s high school friend Tess had an epiphany about her own sexuality and unhappiness in the finale. What role will Stef play in Tess’ journey going forward?
Stef would prefer to stay out of it, but will find herself being drawn in a bit since she’s also friends with Dean, Tess’ husband. The biggest impact Tess’ journey will have on Stef is really what it brings up inside her regarding her own unhappiness and struggle when she was in a similar situation [while] married to Mike.

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