Did Shooter's Makeshift Season 2 Finale Hit the Target?

Shooter Recap Season 2 Finale

For a faux finale, USA Network’s Shooter ended Season 2 (early) with a big bang.

As previously reported, Ryan Phillippe’s real-life broken leg necessitated that the drama’s sophomore run be cut short, with the eighth of 10 episodes having to serve as the finale. In that hour, titled “That’ll Be the Day,” Bob Lee was in the midst of compiling information on Solotov’s nest outside his farmhouse home, and the equipment he was using, when the gun range boss noted that Julie’s new pal Travis has a busted right mitt as well.

Learning of the physical match, Bob Lee made a beeline for the church where Mary was receiving her first communion, finding “Travis” seated and smiling in the back pew. With his pistol tucked in a folded suit jacket, Bob Lee told his rival he could drop him right then and there — at which point Solotov revealed that he was wearing a bomb, with a second one under the altar, both hooked up to a dead man’s switch.

Bob Lee offered to give Solotov back “everything” — his money/freedom included — via a flash drive, if he did no harm to Julie, Mary and the other churchgoers. After that, he could do whatever he wishes to Bob Lee. Solotov took the deal and slipped out the back with Bob Lee, only to land in the crosshairs of Isaac, who has been freshly recruited by Atlas aka Senator Hayes to take out the Chechen.

Bob Lee threw himself in the path of Isaac’s bullet, taking fire in his side. Solotov then shot back at Isaac, warding him off long enough to drive away with an injured Bob Lee. Afterward, unsure about Bob Lee’s fate/whereabouts, Julie returned home to find Isaac in their shed. After a brief, contentious face-off, Isaac updated Julie on the situation and his own mission to take out Solotov fast, seeing as Bob Lee is wounded. And Julie agrees to the unlikely alliance.

Elsewhere in the episode, Memphis worked hard to secure Tio’s confidence, only to see the Marine’s anxiety get the best of her during a long drive to safety. A (rightly) paranoid Tio even leaped out of the car at one point to hop onto a nearby bus, but she got jabbed with a syringe by an Atlas operative in the process. Memphis got to dying Tio in time, though, to get the 411 on Atlas — whom she then confronted, storming into an unflinching Hayes’ office.

Previewing this ersatz finale, Shantel VanSanten had told TVLIne, “Episode 8 was written already — we didn’t change anything — and the way it naturally ends… definitely leaves everybody hanging, wondering what’s going to happen next. This is why we all are anxious and excited and praying that we get a Season 3, because there are more stories to tell.”

What did you think about how the unplanned season (?) finale wound up leaving things? And how badly do you need a renewal?

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