Deadwood Star: HBO Revival 'Is a Valentine to Al and Trixie'

Deadwood Movie

Only a handful of people have laid eyes on David Milch’s Deadwood revival script — and leading lady Paula Malcomson is one of them. It seems fitting since her character, “Trixie the Whore,” figures prominently in the long-gestating film.

“It’s a big Valentine to Trixie and Al,” Malcomson tells TVLine of her and Ian McShane’s combustible couple. The Ray Donovan actress was particularly impressed with how Milch was able to recapture Trixie’s singular (and expletive-drenched) voice after more than a decade away. “The thing that makes Trixie so fun to play is she’s so loved by David,” Malcomson enthuses. “David loves her so much. I can’t believe her voice is still so present. It’s just right there. It’s really beautiful when you play a character that the writer [adores]. It just goes so deep for him. And I love her [too]. It’s 10 years [later], so it’s going to be really interesting.” 

Despite HBO’s recent confirmation that it is indeed moving forward with the reunion movie, fans of the beloved and prematurely axed series remain skeptical. After all, they’ve been burned before. (Following the show’s abrupt cancellation in 2006 after three seasons, HBO announced plans to produce two two-hour wrap-up movies, but the project eventually died on the vine.)

“I really think it will happen [this time],” Malcomson maintains. “And I would never say that. I’m usually the most cynical about these things.”

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