The Bold Type Finale Video: Kat Buries Her Heartache, Sutton Confronts Alex

Some of the Bold Type gals are feeling bolder than others when it comes to their love lives during next Tuesday’s episode (Freeform, 9/8c).

In TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek from what is hopefully the season, not series, finale — the show has yet to be renewed — Kat tells her friends that Scarlet‘s Twitter account has almost two million followers now, which puts her in a pretty powerful position.

“I can do so much with that — so much more than I could wandering around some foreign country without even so much as a change of underwear,” she boasts. But it sure sounds like she’s trying to convince herself she made the right decision not to get on the plane with Adena, doesn’t it?

“She’s reverting back to typical Kat,” executive producer Sarah Watson describes. “She’s burying her emotions down, and she’s really good at it… Who hasn’t poured themselves into work when you’re facing heartbreak? Sometimes, it’s easier to just deal with a goal like that than to actually sit down and deal with the pain.”

Also in the video: Sutton goes to talk to Alex about their hookup, “because I am emotionally mature,” she teases Kat.

“[Sutton and Alex are] going to have to decide if that’s going to change their relationship forever,” Watson previews, “or if they’re going to go back to being just friends, or if they’re going to continue to exist in that awkward and nebulous ‘We don’t know what this is’ phase.”

Speaking of awkwardness, Sutton’s recent actions “come to light in this episode, and we will see [her ex] Richard have to deal with that,” Watson teases.

Press PLAY above to watch the preview, then hit the comments with your hopes for the finale.

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