Twin Peaks Finale Mystery: Who Will Utter These Two Lines of Dialogue?

Twin Peaks Finale Spoilers

This much is certain about the Twin Peaks revival finale airing this Sunday: the following nine words of dialogue will be featured somewhere across the two hours.

“The past dictates the future.”
“What is your name?”

Those two lines of dialogue have been respectively attached to Parts 17 and 18, serving as  ersatz titles (as has been the case all season long). Once it became clear that each “title” was a sound bite from the actual episode, it’s been a slight sport to take a guess at which character will utter the line.

I myself have had a less-than-illustrious track record with this game, predicting for example that last week’s “No knock, no doorbell” would come from Janey-E, when in fact it was but a part of Diane’s harrowing recollection of being raped. (On the flip side, Part 16’s “What story is that, Charlie?” was a gimme, following on the heels as it did of Audrey’s first row with her “husband.”)

“The past dictates the future” could come from most anyone during Part 17, no real leads there. “What is your name?” however seems more ripe for speculation, especially as Part 18 builds to the revival’s very end. Is it being asked of one puzzled Cooper to another, upon their meeting? Or, more provocatively, is it being asked of a female, who then goes on to identity herself as “Judy”? (Could it be time to finally talk about Judy, and settle that mystery once and for all?)

Share your guesses, should you have any, in Comments below!

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