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The Mindy Project: Final Season Trailer Features Mindy's Exes — But Not Danny

Mindy Lahiri has “a lot to be thankful for” in the sixth and final season of The Mindy Project — even if her love life continues to be a hot mess.

Hulu on Friday released a trailer for the series’ final 10 episodes, during which Mindy lists off all of the things that still manage to make her happy, despite the fact that her marriage to Ben is doomed: “I got a great job, I got a great son… Will & Grace is back and bitchier than ever. I’m doing good!” At one point, Collette embraces Mindy and tells her “you can join our team anytime,” to which Mindy replies, “I don’t have to be gay yet!”

As previously reported by EW.com, Mindy and Ben are heading for divorce in Season 6, which explains why some (though certainly not all) of Mindy’s exes can be seen in the above footage, including Cliff and Brendan Deslaurier. Notably absent, however, is Danny, though Chris Messina is set to return for multiple episodes.

The 90-second trailer also features Modern Family‘s Julie Bowen, who is set to play Mindy’s new rival, and teases potential happy endings for Jeremy and Anna and Morgan and Tamra.

The Mindy Project returns on Tuesday, Sept. 12. Press PLAY on the trailer above, then drop a comment with your wish list for Mindy‘s final season.